2016 Annual Fund Booster Membership

2016 Football Ticket Priority Chart

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2016 Booster LevelDonationPriority Limits
Legacy Golden Chief $25,000 + 14 sideline
Platinum Golden Chief $13,000 - $24,999 14 sideline
Golden Chief $6,500 - $12,999 12 sideline
Silver Chief $3,250 - $6,499 10 sideline
Tomahawk $1,300 - $3,249 8 sideline
Warrior $650 - $1,299 6 sideline
Renegade $330 - $649 4 sideline
Brave $140 - $329 n/a
Iron Arrow $70 - $139 n/a

2016 Football Priority Policy Adjustments

Minimum Contribution Requirement

The policy now sets a per-seat contribution requirement for each section. Seats on the West side of the stadium, which are in highest demand, have a higher per seat requirement than seats in equivalent sections on the East side of the stadium. Similarly, sections closest to the 50 yard line have a higher per-seat requirement than seats in sections farther from the 50 yard line. See the Ticket Priority Chart for per seat requirements for each section of Doak Campbell Stadium.

Calculating per-seat requirement

A season ticketholder’s minimum contribution requirement will be determined by multiplying the number of seats purchased in a section(s) by the per-seat contribution requirement for that section.

Example: Bob and Mary have four seats in Section 30 with a minimum per-seat requirement of $325. Their 80% tax-deductible minimum contribution requirement for those West side seats would be $1300 (4 x $325) which is at the Tomahawk level ($1300 to $3249) level.
Bob and Mary could choose to increase to a Silver Chief ($3250), Golden Chief ($6500) or Platinum Chief ($13,000) and enjoy the benefits and points at one of those levels.

Equity example: Larry and Betty choose four seats right across the stadium from Bob and Mary in section 13 on the east side. That section has a $200 per-seat requirement so their contribution would need to be $800 for those four seats which is in the Warrior range of membership ($650 to $1299). Larry and Betty could enjoy Warrior benefits or choose to contribute at the Tomahawk ($1300) or higher level but they are not required to.

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