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The following greek letters may be included in a Westcott brick inscription:

Alpha Α Beta Β Gamma Γ Delta Δ Epsilon Ε Zeta Ζ
Eta Η Theta Θ Iota Ι Kappa Κ Lambda Λ Mu Μ
Nu Ν Xi Ξ Omicron Ο Pi Π Rho Ρ Sigma Σ
Tau Τ Upsilon Υ Phi Φ Chi Χ Psi Ψ Omega Ω


Please use the table above to copy and paste the greek letters you would like for your brick inscription.

Westcott Plaza Bricks

FSU Alumni Association members: please log-in to oneFSU to receive discount pricing on commemorative bricks placed in the Westcott Plaza outer ring.

Westcott Plaza brick orders may be placed online using the form below or call the FSU Alumni Association at 850.644.2761.

Questions? Contact us at WestcottBricks@fsu.edu.