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Golden Chiefs, Silver Chiefs, and Tomahawks 

2014 Season Motorhome Reservations:
Download the form - Print and follow directions on the form.

Florida Motorhome Parking Assignments

Motorhome Parking Map
Motorhome Q&A

Parking Contacts:
Director of Parking & Motorhome / Basketball Parking
Maria Fuller
(850) 644-3484

Game Day Parking Director*
James Bird
(850) 645-2533
*On game day: if you have a problem please speak with the lot attendant, if it can't be resolved the attendant will contact James Bird.

General Information & Policies

No motorcycles.

Seminole Boosters who drive fully self-contained motorhomes to the home football games and who contribute at the Golden Chief ($6000), Silver Chief ($3000) or Tomahawk ($1200) levels are eligible to park their motorhome in the designated lots the weekend of home football games.

We do not provide motorhome parking for individuals who are not a current Booster at the minimum of a Tomahawk level or above.

The fee for the motorhome is $100 ($125 for Clemson, Notre Dame, and Florida games) and the car tow fee is $25. We are not able to give refunds or credits for cancellations once your lot and space have been assigned.

Each lot will have marked and numbered 20 x 40 spaces with 50 amp, 30 amp, and 20 amp electrical service. Adapters must be furnished by the motorhome owner. NO GENERATORS are to be used in the lots. Spaces which back up to each other, electrical service has been upgraded so all plugs can accommodate 50 amps.

Each space in Lot A has water hook-ups. Lots B, C, and D have water stations available.

The motorhome lot is for fully self contained, self supporting, self propelled, Class A or class C RV’s. No towed RV’s (5th wheels) permitted.

Lots open at 10:00 a.m. on Friday and close Sunday at 12:00 p.m.

Beginning Monday morning of the home game week you are attending, send in your reservation form by fax with your credit card number and your first through fifth choices for reserved parking. Reservations should be faxed to the Booster office at 850-222-5929. The deadline to fax in your reservation will be that Tuesday at 12:00 p.m.


**Due to complications in the past we will unfortunately be unable to receive reservations through e-mail. We apologize in advance if this inconveniences anyone**

Each home game we will do a random drawing to determine where your reserved parking will be. Platinum Golden Chiefs will be drawn first, Golden Chiefs second, Silver Chiefs third, then Tomahawks. If there are not enough spaces for Golden Chiefs and Silver Chiefs in their designated lots they will AUTOMATICALLY be issued a space in the Tomahawk lot. If there are not enough spaces for all Tomahawks, then priority points will be used to determine which members will receive parking. The specific location of your space will still be based on the random drawing. Please note if your choices are not available, you will be assigned the next available space. You may check our website starting Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. to find out which space you have been assigned.

If you would like to coordinate with fellow motorhome friends to try and park together, you may indicate so on your reservation form, and all parties must request each other. You will have to wait until the last name in the group is drawn and then your group will be assigned spots together based on what is available. Please keep in mind that by trying to park together, especially in large groups, you may have to sacrifice your preferred space in order to be with your friends.

If you fail to get your reservation form in by the deadline (Tuesday at 12:00 p.m.) you may pay when you arrive at the gate by cash or check and you will be assigned a space from what has not already been reserved.

Each Tomahawk, Silver Chief, or Golden Chief Booster may only reserve one motorhome space per game.

Any reserved spaces not filled by two hours prior to kickoff will be released. If you arrive later than two hours prior to kickoff and your space has been released, you may then be subject to first come first served basis.

You will receive your permit at the gate and your reserved space will be printed on your permit. This permit must be visible at all times and visible for identification from the roads in the lot. You must also have your Golden Chief, Silver Chief, or Tomahawk permit hanging from your rearview mirror at all times while your motorhome is in the lot.

The permit includes use of the space for a motorhome. One extra vehicle (whether towed or not) per permitted motorhome will be allowed for an extra fee (car, SUV, pick up, van, suburban) for $25.00. The extra vehicle will require a permit with the motorhome reserved space number on it. The extra vehicle permit must be kept ON THE ASSIGNED SITE and not parked in any other space. No vehicles but permitted vehicles will be allowed in the motorhome lots.

NOTE: The intent of the extra vehicle permit is to allow you mobility around town during your football weekend. It is not intended for you to give/sell to others who do not qualify for football parking. Unauthorized use undermines the efforts of Seminole Boosters and is unfair to our many thousands who support the Seminole program. Failure to observe the intent of this policy could result in a suspension of your right to use the motorhome lot. If there is a vehicle found in the lot without a motorhome car permit it will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Due to safety concerns and incidents in past years, we no longer allow any recreational vehicles to be in use inside the motor home lots. Recreational vehicles include mopeds, golf carts, go-carts, & three (or) four wheelers.

Because we provide electrical hook-ups, no generators are allowed in the motorhome lots.

Our motorhome lot is for Seminole fans to tailgate only. It is not to be used for any commercial endeavors.

Pets are welcome. They must be leashed or caged on the motorhome site or in the motorhome. In no case will pets be left unattended outside the motorhome. Walking pets on a leash is acceptable, but the owner must clean up after the pet and dispose of waste appropriately.

(NOTE: We received complaints that some owners did not clean up after their pets. Please be considerate of your fellow motorhome neighbors and be responsible).

Rights of all game weekend permit holders will be respected. Inappropriate behavior by the permit holder or the permit holder’s guests will not be tolerated. If the behavior does not change upon request, the site can be reported to security or parking personnel by site number for action (spoken word, written notice, permit cancellation and/or eviction).

It is not the intent of the policy to outlaw playing catch with footballs or frisbees, and having a party, but is an effort to recognize and respect your fellow Seminoles using the facility. Fighting, abusive language or abusive actions toward fellow parking lot users, University officials, or security personnel can result in immediate expulsion.

For those spending the night at the facility, it is reasonable to expect that loud noise, voices, pets or music will subside at a reasonable hour to respect the rights of others.


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