Robert M. Strozier Society Honor Roll of Donors
($10,000-$99,999 total lifetime giving)
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Mr. George E. Aase, II
Mr. Paul Thomas Aase and Ms. Jennifer Allen Aase
Mr. John A. Acosta and Mrs. Christine M. Acosta
Mr. Jolyon D. Acosta and Ms. Christine M. Acosta
Mr. Leonard P. Adams, II and Mrs. Carolyn Y. Sauer-Adams
Garry D. Adel, Esq. and Terry L. Cole, M.D.
Richard K. Adkins, M.D. and Mrs. Gail Adkins
Mr. Clay B. Adkinson and Mrs. Lauren F. Adkinson
Mr. Elmer L. Ahlwardt, Jr. and Mrs. Kathleen N. Ahlwardt
Dr. Gwynn C. Akin and Robert D. Sparks, M.D.
Mr. Bruce Albe
Mr. Richard B. Albrecht and Mrs. Muriel M. Albrecht
Mr. Derrick L. Alexander
Ms. Elaine G. Alexander
Mr. James H. Alexander, Jr. and Mrs. Ruth A. Alexander
Mr. Charles C. Allen and Dr. Susan D. Allen
Mrs. Sandra J. Allen and Mr. Herbert L. Allen
Ms. Terice D. Allen
W. Riley Allen, Esq. and Mrs. Mary F. Allen
Mr. Mansour M. Almaiman and Dr. Aljouharah S. Almaiman
Ms. Darlene Christina Almeda
Dr. Frank W. Almond
Mr. Robin H. Alston and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Corder Alston
Mr. James C. Althoff, Jr. and Mrs. Abby L. Althoff
Congressman Jason K. Altmire and Mrs. Kelly L. Altmire
Mr. Samuel S. Ambrose and Ms. Cynthia J. Ambrose
Mr. Barry R. Anderson and Mrs. Janice Anderson
James W. Anderson, Esq. and Dr. Angela M. Lupo-Anderson
Mr. Paul Anderson and Carol A. Darling, Ph.D.
Mr. Robert B. Anderson and Mrs. Miranda T. Anderson
Robert W. Anderson, M.D. and Mrs. Rebecca Vail-Anderson
Mr. Richard L. Andrews, Sr. and Ms. Sandy Andrews
Mr. H. John Angelbeck, Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth D. Angelbeck
Professor William P. Anthony and Ms. Roselyn E. Anthony
Mr. Gary J. Anton and Ms. Kimberly A. Anton
Mr. Stewart Leslie Appelrouth and Mrs. Gail R. Appelrouth
Mr. Martin A. Arch and Mrs. Barbara J. Arch
Ms. Kathy R. Archibald
Mr. William A. Archibald, Jr.
Ms. Margit A. Arias
Ms. Haley L. Armand
Gene F. Armstrong, M.D. and Mrs. Ruth Armstrong
Ms. Sara C. Arnette
Mr. Mark R. Arrigo and Ms. Pamella D. Arrigo
Ms. Judith A. Arvidson
Mr. Richard A. Ashley
Mr. James R. Ashton and Ms. Jill C. Ashton
Jeffrey W. Askins, CFP and Mrs. Lisa M. Askins
Mr. Frederick G. Astor, Jr. and Mrs. Joanne M. Astor
Robert G. Atnip, M.D. and Mrs. Chantal D. Atnip
MAJ (R) Kenneth L. Ayers, Jr.
Ms. Toni H. Azinger and Mr. Paul W. Azinger
Mr. Kenneth G. Bacheller
Ms. Mary Louise Louise Bachman
Mr. Earl Bacon and Ms. Jane Bacon
Mr. George W. Baggett and Mrs. Brenda K. Baggett
Mr. Clark W. Bailey
Mr. Gary S. Bailey and Mrs. Brenda W. Bailey
Mr. Douglas Bailey and Mrs. Sally Bailey
Mr. Mark R. Bainbridge
Jay Baker, Ph.D. and. Mary D. Baker, Ph.D.
Mr. Frank A. Baker and Ms. Lynn W. Baker
Mr. Gregory E. Baker and Ms. Lillian C. Baker
Mr. James H. Baker
Nancy M. Baker, M.D.
Mr. Robert L. Baker and Mrs. Susan L. Baker
Dr. Stuart E. Baker and Ms. Jalma M. Baker
Ms. Syau-Chen C. Baker and Dr. Theodore P. Baker
Mr. William J. Baker and Mrs. Patricia A. Baker
Mr. J. Douglas Baldridge
Mr. Michael Baldwin
David L. Balkwill, Ph.D.
Mr. James A. Ball, III and Ms. Katherine W. Ball
Ms. Kathryn E. Ballard and Mr. Brian D. Ballard
Mr. Patrick J. Balthrop, Sr.
Mrs. Cathy C. Bame and Mr. David H. Bame
Mrs. Sarah L. Banaszak and Mr. S. Howard Banaszak
Mr. E. G. Banks
Mr. Gerald F. Banks and Mrs. Lea A. Banks
Mr. Stephen M. Barbas and Mrs. Scheznarda L. Barbas
Ms. Cindy Barber
Mrs. Carolyn A. Barger
Dr. Randolph T. Barker and Dr. Sandra B. Barker
Mr. Donald Barkin and Mrs. Carol Barkin
Ms. Mary S. Barley
Ms. Diana L. Barnes
Mr. Peter C. Barr, Jr. and Ms. Sheryl Barr
Mr. Wallace A. Barrie
Mr. Thomas A. Barron and Mrs. Jane H. Barron
Mr. Jeremy D. Barrows
Dr. George W. Bates
Mr. John E. Bates
Mr. Milton V. Bauguess
Mr. John A. Bazley, II and Mrs. Jessica L. Bazley
Mrs. Miki K. Bean
Mr. Stephen R. Beard and Ms. Cheryl K. Beard
Mrs. Jane N. Beaty
Mrs. Carina D. Beaudoin-Tate
Timothy P. Beavers, Esq. and Elizabeth A. Beavers, Esq.
Ms. Martha Beck
Dean Caryn L. Beck-Dudley and Dr. Lynn M. Dudley*
Mr. Charles H. Becker and Ms. Jeurice A. Becker
Professor Joseph C. Beckham and Ms. Patti Beckham
Mr. Herbert A. Beckwith, Jr. and Mrs. Susan S. Beckwith
Mr. Sidney E. Bedingfield and Mrs. Dana L. Hagler
Mr. Peter Bedrich
Mr. Dale T. Beerbower and Mrs. Peggy M. Beerbower
Dr. Douglas N. Behrman
Michael C. Bell, M.D. and Ms. Ida L. Bell
Raymond E. Bellamy, II, M.D. and Ms. Jann J. Bellamy
Ms. Jennifer R. Beltz and Mr. Justin McCamey
Dr. Charles E. Benedict
Mr. Richard A. Benn
Mr. Barry W. Bennett and Ms. Theresa M. Bennett
Richard E. Benton, Esq.
Nicole G. Bentze, D.O. and Mr. Michael J. Bentze
Alan N. Berg, Esq.
Bruce H. Berg, M.D.
Mr. Nicholas J. Bergan and Mrs. Angela Bergan
George T. Bernardo, M.D. and Ms. Margaret B. Bernardo
Mrs. Jean L. Berry
Mr. John W. Berry, Jr.
Dr. William D. Berry and Dr. Frances S. Berry
Mr. Michael H. Bertino
Randall D. Bertolette, M.D. and Mrs. Susan P. Bertolette
Mr. Scott Besley
Mary Anne Bestebreurtje, Esq. and Mr. W. Wilson Baker
Mr. Terry C. Bibleheimer and Mrs. Marsha Bibleheimer
Mr. Robert E. Bierley and Mrs. Cherrie J. Bierley
Mr. J. Kevin Bing and Kathryn F. Bing, M.D.
Mrs. Jean Bishop
Ms. Nancy E. Bivins
Harry H. Black, M.D.
Ms. Margaret F. Black and Mr. Leon D. Black, Jr.
Ms. Sally C. Blackburn
Bruce B. Blackwell, Esq. and Mrs. Julie M. Blackwell
Nora F. Blair, Esq.
Ms. Ann G. Blakeslee and Mr. Derek J. Blakeslee
Mr. Robert G. Blalock and Mrs. Marlene C. Blalock
Mr. Clyde A. Blankenship, Jr. and Ms. Janie H. Blankenship
Dr. Ronald D. Blazek and Mrs. Genevieve Blazek
Dr. Gary D. Bliss and Mrs. Hollis H. Bliss
Mr. Byron B. Block
Dr. William J. Blot and Ms. Frances D. Blot
Mr. Kenneth G. Boback and Mrs. Sandra L. Boback
Dr. Daniel Boda and Mrs. Eleanor V. Boda
Dr. Gregory S. Boebinger and Mrs. Karen L. G. Boebinger
Barbara Sawyer Boettcher, Ph.D. and Mr. Allen L. Boettcher
Mr. Drew C. Boggs and Mrs. Mary B. Boggs
Mr. Duane L. Bohnstedt and Ms. Betty J. Bohnstedt
Mrs. Bertha M. Bolden
Mrs. JoAnn Bono and Randall A. Bono, J.D.
Mr. Ronald L. Book
Mrs. Evelyn Bookout
Ms. Brenda G. Boone
Mr. Javier Borges and Ms. Lauren Wukovits
Mr. Carey N. Bos and Ms. Helen F. Bos
Mr. Robert A. Bos
Mr. Robert H. Bosselman and Mrs. Paula L. Bosselman
Mr. Richard Boutin and Mrs. Deborah S. Boutin
Dr. Brandon Bowden and Mrs. Stefanie M. Bowden
Coach Bobby C. Bowden and Mrs. Ann E. Bowden
Mr. Irving H. Bowen and Mrs. Judith A. Bowen
Mr. John W. Bowen, Sr. and Mrs. Rosalie M. Bowen
Ms. Ramona D. Bowman
Mr. Joseph R. Boyd and Mrs. Sue Boyd
Mr. Michael D. Boykin
Mr. Jeffrey D. Boykins and Ms. Tiffany S. Boykins
Mr. Robert D. Bradbury
Ms. Shelley H. Braddam and Mr. Harvey A. Braddam
Dr. Edward L. Bradley, III
Mrs. Katherine A. Bradley
Dr. Patsy M. Brannon and Mr. George W. Buchanan, Jr.
Mrs. Dyan Brasington
Mr. Justin G. Brass and Dr. Tara L. Brass
Dr. Ronald C. Braswell and Ms. Mary Ann Braswell
Mr. Gregory A. Breitenbeck and Mrs. Elaine J. Windisch-Breitenbeck
Ms. Kathleen L. Brennan and Mr. R. Claude Hendon
Ms. Judith E. Brett
Mr. Eric J. Brickman and Mrs. Ange M. Brickman
Dr. Carolyn A. Bridger
Kenneth Bridges, M.D. and Ms. Myrna Bridges
Joan S. Briggs, Esq. and Mr. Garrett L. Briggs
Dr. Laura E. Brock
Ms. Lisa R. Brock and Mr. Farrukh Quraishi
Ms. Tracey Lucile Brocker
CMSgt Robert F. Brooks (RET) Ph.D.
Mr. Robert C. Brooks and Ms. Terrie D. Brooks
Mr. Christopher J. Brown and Ms. Ruth A. Brown
Dr. Dawn L. Brown
Mr. Gene D. Brown and Mrs. Marilyn B. Brown
Ms. Joan P. Brown
Ms. Kimberly A. Brown and Mr. Jess R. Brown
Mr. Ronald M. Brown and Mrs. V. Sandra Brown
Dr. Stewart L. Brown
Dr. Wayne A. Brown
Mrs. Linda G. Brown-Kaplan and Mr. Walter W. Kaplan
Phillip L. Broyles, CPA and Mrs. Edna V. Broyles
Kenneth V. Brummel-Smith, M.D. and Karen L. Brummel-Smith, M.D.
The Honorable Catherine M. Brunson and Mr. Jerome Brunson, Jr.
Mr. Phillip M. Brunson and Mrs. Shari Brunson
Mrs. Diane A. Bruton
Mr. Jeffery C. Bryan and Mrs. Dorothy R. Bryan
Dr. William A. Bryan and Dr. Marian C. Bryan
Ms. Cecilia Bryant
Ms. Suzanne N. Bucher and Mr. Robert F. Loewenstein
Charles E. Buker, III, Esq. and Ms. Margaret R. Buker
Mr. Lawrence J. Burchette
Mr. C. Robert Burgess and Mrs. Martha H Burgess
Mrs. Sindy S. Burggraf and Mr. William N. Burggraf
Mr. C. Michael Burkhardt
Mr. Jay J. Burleson
Dr. Gary D. Burnett and Dr. Kathleen M. Burnett
Mr. Chris Burns
Robert S. Burress, M.D.
Ms. Claudia Holland Burton
Mr. John W. Bussey, III
Ms. Jo S. Butler
Mr. William F. Butler and Ms. Carmen E. Butler
Mr. Robert W. Byrd and Mrs. Anne Jolley Byrd
Mr. William G. Caffee, Jr.
Mr. Robert W. Calcutt
Ms. Donna G. Callaway and Mr. Jimmie R. Callaway, Jr.
Mr. Steven B. Cambron
Mrs. Claude A. Campbell
Mr. Doak S. Campbell, III
Mr. R. Grier Campbell and Ms. Ashley A. Campbell
Mr. James P. Cannan and Ms. Patricia L. Cannan
Frances C. Cannon, Ed.D.
Ms. Janet B. Cantor
Pamela P. Carbiener, M.D.
Mr. Rick Carey and Ms. Elvira Carey
Mrs. Judith K. Carnaghi
Ms. Mary Lou Carothers
Mr. Franklin W. Carraway, Jr. and Mrs. Gayle Carraway
Mr. Donald T. Carrigan and Mrs. Caroline Carrigan
Ms. Barbara B. Carroll
Mr. Harry B. Carson and Ms. Brenda M. Carson
Dr. James M. Carson and Mrs. Christine Carson
Mr. Gray Cartee and Mrs. Carol D. Cartee
Mr. James E. Carter and Mrs. Kitte H. Carter
Rev. Matthew M. Carter, II and Mrs. Rita Carter
Mr. Stephen M. Caruso and Ms. Jill Caruso
Mrs. Valerie S. Casey
Dr. Kathryn K. Cashin
Mr. Ken Cashin
Dr. Donald Caspar
Ms. Janelle Cass
Mr. Marshall R. Cassedy, Jr. and Ms. Susan R. Cassedy
Ms. Evalena R. Cates and Mrs. Barbara C. Dalsheimer
Mrs. Ruth B. Cates and Mr. Walter E. Cates
Mr. Mark W. Cecil and Mrs. Jennifer M. Cecil
Mr. Manuel N. Cepeda and Ms. Rose J. Cepeda
Prasad V. Chalasani, M.D. and Ms. Mydhili Chalasani
Mr. Edwin L. Chalmers, III
Thomas H. Chalmers, M.D. and Dr. Eleanor P. Chalmers
Mr. John P. Chambers and Mrs. Janet Chambers
Lisabeth J. Chambers, Esq. and Stephen F. Chambers, M.D.
Mr. John E. Champion, Jr. and Mrs. Jane S. Champion
Ms. Bridget M. Chandler
Gilbert S. Chandler, III, M.D. and Mrs. Debra Chandler
Mr. Neil H. Charness and Mrs. Beth G. Charness
Mr. Thad J. Chason
Allen B. Chatt, Ph.D. and Mrs. Gail N. Chatt
Mr. William S. Cheek, Jr. and Mrs. Kathleen B. Cheek
Ching-Jen Chen, Ph.D. and Ms. Ruei Man Chen
Mr. Jeffrey Chi
Timothy C. Childers, M.D. and Ms. Blair B. Childers
John A. Chiocca, Esq. and Rochelle B. Chiocca, Esq.
Miss Marian P. Christ
Mr. Ronald A. Christaldi
Carter J. Christensen, Esq. and Ms. Christine M. Christensen
Mr. Robert E. Christopher and Mrs. Margaret E. Christopher
Florina C. Cimpean, M.D. and Mr. Gelu A. Cimpean
Mr. Mark E. Claiborne
Ms. Sarah A. Clamp
Ms. Mary L. Clark
Dr. Robert C. Clark and Mrs. Sharon J. Clark
Mr. Gary B. Clarke and Mrs. Sherry M. Clarke
Senator Charles W. Clary, III
Mr. Steven M. Clein and Mrs. Amy K. Clein
Dr. Jacqueline B. Clemens and Mr. Leslie E. Clemens
Dr. Jane Clendinning
Dennis C. Close, D.D.S. and Ms. Lynn H. Close
Mr. Thomas A. Cloud and Mrs. Laura C. Cloud
Ms. Susan H. Cnudde
Mary B. Coburn, Ed.D. and David K. Coburn, Esq.
Ms. Suzanne D. Cognetta and Armand B. Cognetta, Jr., M.D.
Mr. William J. Cohen and Mrs. Susan P. Cohen
Mr. Robert E. Coker and Mrs. Menla A. Coker
Mr. Russ L. Colborn
Mr. Chad E. Colby and Mrs. Terri A. Colby
Mr. Jimmy C. Cole
Mr. Terry P. Cole and Ms. Linda H. Cole
Ms. Ann M. Coleman
J. Michael Coleman, Esq. and Ms. Margaret E. Coleman
Mr. Kenneth D. Colen
Mr. Gregory H. Collier and De Anne Collier, M.D.
Professor John R. Collier and Dean Billie J. Collier
Ms. Lucy Anne G. Collier and Mr. D. Wayne Collier
Dr. David S. Collings
Mr. Peter H. Collins and Mrs. Jennifer Collins
Mr. Jesse M. Colvin and Ms. Gloria P. Colvin
Mr. Brian K. Cone and Mrs. Evelyn F. Cone
Mr. Daniel F. Cone and Mrs. Michele T. Cone
Mr. James N. Conley and Mrs. Glenda Fulmer Conley
Mr. Mark A. Conner and Mrs. Lisa R. Conner
Mr. Kenneth L. Connor and Mrs. Amy L. Connor
Dr. Rita-Marie Conrad and Mr. Larry D. Conrad
Mr. Robert F. Conrad, Jr. and Mrs. Donna Jean Conrad
Professor Robert J. Contreras and Dr. Ellen S. Berler
Mr. Michael W. Conway and Ms. Kathleen L. Conway
Mr. Al Coogler, Jr.
James T. Cook, III, M.D. and Ms. Jana Lee Cook
Sen. Marlow W. Cook, Sr. and Mrs. Nancy R. Cook
Miss Karen K. Cooper
William G. Cooper, Esq. and The Honorable Mallory D. Cooper
Mrs. Bettie B. Copeland
Ms. Ellen C. Copeland and Mr. Jerome Kekatos
Mr. Willard Coram and Ms. Linda Coram
Mr. Adam B. Corey
Ms. Bonnie C. Corral
Ms. Allison D. Correia and Mr. Brian Correia
Mr. William W. Corry, Sr. and Ms. Stephanie W. Corry
Mr. Bradford L. Cottrill
Dean Marie E. Cowart
Robert R. Cowie, D.D.S. and Mrs. Diane Cowie
Ms. Rona K. Cradit and Dr. J. Dennis Cradit
Dr. David E. Craig
Ms. Virginia K. Craig
Ms. Carolyn A. Cramer and Mr. William C. Cramer, Jr.
Hulon E. Crayton, M.D. and Ms. Dinah M. Crayton
Mr. Kenneth L. Creely and Mrs. Patty Creely
Mr. Danny O. Crew and Ms. Teresa A. Crew
Mr. Gregory A. Crews
Mr. Jerry L. Crews and Mrs. Mera O. Crews
Mr. Don Crisp and Mrs. Tyrene Crisp
Mrs. Barbara W. Crispo
Mrs. Mary E. Crofton and Mr. Rich J. Crofton
Mr. Bradley J. Crofts and Ms. Nina Crofts
Jerome J. Cronin, Jr., Ph.D.
Jeffrey W. Crooms, M.D.
Ms. Margaret M. Cross
Timothy A. Cross, Ph.D. and Susan M. Cross, M.D.
Mr. John M. Crossman and Ms. Angela B. Crossman
Mr. John B. Crowe, Sr. and Mrs. Betty W. Crowe
Mr. Patrick J. Crowley and Mrs. Connie Crowley
Mr. John W. Culver and Mrs. Karen R. M. Culver
Rev. Woody Cumbie
Ms. Jane E. Cundy
Mr. Stephen T. Cunningham and Mrs. Monica L. Cunningham
Mr. Clifton C. Curry, Jr. and Mrs. Teresa Curry
Mr. Marvin R. Cutson and Ms. Sonya Cutson
Mr. Carrol Dadisman and Mrs. Mildred S. Dadisman
Commissioner John E. Dailey and Virginia E. Dailey, Esq.
Dr. Naresh Dalal and Dr. Jyotsna N. Dalal
Dr. Jon C. Dalton and Mrs. Beverly A. Dalton
Mr. Vern Danforth and Mrs. Debra A. Allan Danforth
Elizabeth J. Daniels, Esq.
Mr. Lorenzo N. Dantzler, IV and Mrs. Nancy N. Dantzler
Mr. Scott W. Darling and Ms. Marion C. Darling
Mr. William Henry C. Darlington and Mrs. Eleanor L. Merritt-Darlington
Mr. Leonard S. Darsey and Mrs. Judith A. Darsey
Mr. Thomas E. David
Mr. Dale S. Davidson
Ms. Katherine B. Davidson
Mr. Chester Davis and Dr. Penny A. Ralston
Mrs. Gail P. Davis
Dr. J.W. Richard Davis
Mrs. Janet H. Davis
Mr. John R. Davis and Mrs. Julia S. Davis
Mr. Robert S. Davis and Mrs. Daryl R. Davis
Shaun M. Davis, CPA and Ms. Tanya I. Davis
Mr. William C. Davis and Ms. Barbara K. Davis
Mr. Donald D. Dawn, Jr.
Dr. Robert C. Dawson, Sr. and Mrs. Ande K. Dawson
Mr. Robert C. Dawson, Jr.
Dr. Savannah S. Day
Ms. Judith E. Daykin
Mr. Hugo H. de Beaubien and Mrs. Mary C. de Beaubien
Dr. Nancy T. de Grummond
Mr. Chris de Treville and Ms. Patricia de Treville
Mr. Michael G. Dearden
Mr. Kent C. Deeb
Larry C. Deeb, M.D. and Ms. Josephine M. Deeb
Mr. William M. Degrove
Ms. Gloria H. Deison
Mr. William J. Delahanty, III and Ms. Jennifer S. Delahanty
Mr. Carl I. Delaune
Thomas E. DeLopez, D.D.S. and Mrs. Sandra G. DeLopez
Francis N. DeLuca, M.D. and Mrs. Paula H. DeLuca
Mr. Jack C. Demetree, Sr. and Mrs. Betty A. Demetree
Mr. Mark A. Demont
Dr. Ewell T. Denmark, Jr.
Mr. Craig A. Dennis and Ms. Janet T. Dennis
Dean Lawrence C. Dennis and Mrs. Elaine M. Dennis
Mr. Adam D. DeRosa
Mr. Matthew S. DeSalvo and Ms. Theresa A. Desalvo
The Honorable Bryan M. Desloge and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Desloge
Mr. Thomas A. Desmond, IV
Dr. William H. Desvousges and The Honorable Emma M. Desvousges
Dr. DeLos F. DeTar
Dr. Alleen Deutsch
James E. Dever, Ph.D. and Ms. Fay Dever
Michael D. Devine, Ph.D. and Judith J. Devine, Ph.D.
Ms. Isabel M. Dewey and Mr. Charles J. Dewey, Jr.
Dr. Denise E. Dickins and Mr. Kyle P. Hickman
Ms. Charlotte G. Dickson
Mr. Daniel M. DiDomenico and Ms. Susan A. DiDomenico
Mr. Anthony J. DiFilippo, Jr. and Ms. Elizabeth R. DiFilippo
Dr. Diana M. DiNitto
Mr. Robert B. Disbennett and Mrs. Elvira R. Disbennett
Ms. Lindsay K. Dixon
Richard D. Dixon, Esq. and Ms. Kathleen M. Dixon
William C. Dixon, IV, M.D. and Mrs. Shannon S. Dixon
Dr. William Dobes and Ms. Martha H. Dobes
The Honorable Charles W. Dodson and Samantha D. Boge, Esq.
Mr. Michael E. Dodson and Mrs. Jessica R. Dodson
Mr. Anthony A. Dogali and Mrs. Hope G. Dogali
H. Avon Doll, Jr., M.D. and Mrs. Lou Ann Leonard Doll
Mr. Carl J. Domino and Mrs. Sharon E. Domino
Mr. Daniel W. Donahue and Mrs. Bonnie Kay Donahue
Ms. Patricia A. Doody
Frank E. Dorsey, CPA and Jodee A. Dorsey, Ph.D.
Mr. John R. Douglas, Jr. and Mrs. Diane I. Douglas
Mr. Joseph S. Douglas
Mr. Justin M. Douglas
Ms. Margaret A. Douglass and Mr. Scott Douglass
Ms. Lula J. Dovi
Mr. Daniel M. Doyle and Ms. Roz Doyle
Dr. Jerry L. Draper and Mrs. Anne G. Draper
Ms. Julie M. Drew and Mr. J. Everitt Drew
Dean Marcy P. Driscoll and Mr. Robin E. Driscoll
Mrs. Cathryn A. Driver and Mr. Michael F. Driver
Dr. Jason H. Driver
Mr. Paul E. Driver and Mrs. Judy Driver
David M. Duany, M.D. and Mrs. Lauren C. Duany
Mr. Ray E. Dubuque and Ms. Sharon G. Dubuque
Dr. Gregory B. Dudley
Mr. Mark I. Duedall
Ms. Arlene M. Duncan
Mr. Charles M. Duncan, Jr. and Ms. Carolyn Duncan
David A. Duncan, M.D. and Ms. Sherry K. Duncan
Mr. Douglas R. Dunlap and Mrs. Doris H. Dunlap
Mrs. Katherine T. Dunn and Mr. Michael T. Dunn
Mr. Wallace Dunn, II and Ms. Kathleen B. Dunn
Mr. Allen D. Durham and Ms. Patricia B. Durham
Mrs. Mary J. Durham
Mr. William M. Durham, Jr. and Mrs. Leanne C. Durham
Maegan E. Dustin, Ph.D. and Mr. Kerry C. Dustin
Ms. Margaret N. Dyal
Dr. Thomas R. Dye and Ms. Joan Grace Dye
Mr. Todd L. Dziobak and Mrs. Juliane M. Dziobak
Ms. Diane S. Eakin
Mr. P. Gordon Earhart and Dr. Eileen M. Earhart
Dr. Peter B. Easton and Zohre E. Bahrayni, Ph.D.
Mr. Stephen A. Ecenia
Ms. Susan M. Ecenia
Mr. Donald L. Eddings and Mrs. Margaret B. Eddings
Mrs. Cindy Edelman
Mr. Mark A. Eden and Ms. Jane Eden
Mr. C. Wayne Edwards and Mrs. Betty Edwards
Ms. Julie Dunn Eichenberg and Mr. Robert F. Eichenberg
Mr. Rodney B. Eichenberger
Mr. Paul T. Einboden and Ms. Leah A. Einboden
Mr. Howard P. Eisenman and Mrs. Susan A. Eisenman
Ms. Susan I. Eisenman
Dr. Edward M. Eissey, Sr.
Mrs. Evelyn J. Eissey
Mr. Mark S. Elam and Ms. Denise Elam
Mr. Christopher Q. Eldred and Mrs. Gail M. Eldred
Mr. Leon R. Ellin and Mrs. Margaret M. Ellin
Ms. Marlene Ellin
Mrs. Kristen E. Ellington and Dr. William R. Ellington
Mark S. Ellis, Esq., Ph.D.
Mr. W. David Ellrich, Jr. and Ms. Becky B. Moore
Mr. J. Colin English, Jr. and Mrs. Phyllis L. English
Ms. Erin Ennis
Mr. Gerald V. Ensley, Jr. and Dr. Sally P. Karioth
Dr. Lloyd M. Epstein
Mr. Gregory D. Ereckson
Gregory M. Erickson, Ph.D.
Dr. Richard J. Erickson and Ms. Joan K. Erickson
Ms. Aila Erman
Mr. Robert M. Ervin, Jr. and Ms. Hillary C. Ervin
Mr. Glenn J. Eschrich and Ms. Karen R. Eschrich
Enrique G. Estevez, Ph.D. and Mrs. Barbara Estevez
Mrs. Lisa O. Etheridge and Mr. George W. Etheridge, Jr.
Mr. James V. Etscorn and Mrs. Jennifer C. Etscorn
Miss DeeAnn E. Evans
Ms. Linda Rae Evans and Mr. Steven L. Evans
Dr. Nancy L. Everhart and Mr. Harry J. Everhart
Michael A. Fabian, M.D. and Ms. Martha M. Fabian
Dr. David W. Fairweather and Mrs. Jane L. Fairweather
Dr. Dean Falk
Mrs. Joanne S. Farley and Mr. David P. Farley
Richard J. Federinko, Ph.D. and Mrs. Patricia L. Federinko
Mr. Andrew F. Feinberg and Mrs. Michelle F. Feinberg
Mr. Edward L. Fennell, Jr. and Mrs. Janet K. Fennell
Dr. Martin G. Fennema and Ms. Robin D. Fennema
Mr. Samuel L. Ferguson and Mrs. Jeanette McLendon Ferguson
Mr. William A. Ferguson, Jr. and Ms. Nancy N. Ferguson
Dr. Edward A. Fernald and Ms. Jean M. Fernald
Mr. O. C. Ferrell, Jr. and Ms. Linda Ferrell
Dr. Gerald R. Ferris and Dr. Pamela L. Perrewe
Nancy Smith Fichter, Ph.D. and Dr. Robert W. Fichter
Raymond E. Fielding, Ph.D.
Mr. Brian P. Fields and Mrs. Shannon M. Fields
Mr. Michael M. Fields and Ms. Martha R. Fields
Captain William F. Findeison and Ms. Polly Findeison
Dr. Mary D. Findley
Mr. Douglas J. Fischer and Ms. Cindy M. Fischer
Mr. George R. Fischer and Mrs. Nancy G. Fischer
Kenneth C. Fischer, M.D.
Mr. Steven J. Fischer
Mr. Kenneth G. Fish and Ms. Kim L. Fish
Mrs. Meredith E. Fishback and Mr. Edward W. Fishback, Jr.
Mrs. Eleanor Y. Fisher
Ms. Susan G. Fisher and Mr. Thomas G. Fisher
Miranda F. Fitzgerald, Esq. and Mr. Rick T. Fitzgerald
Mrs. Nancy A. Fitzgerald and Mr. Dennis K. Fitzgerald
Joseph W. Fixel, Esq. and Mrs. Janet S. Fixel
Dr. Raymond R. Fleming and Ms. Nancy Fleming
Dr. Taylor G. Fletcher
Mr. Joseph R. Flood, Jr. and Ms. Paula Flood
Mr. Francis M. Flynn and Ms. Gail Harper
Mr. John W. Forehand and Ms. Lisa M. Forehand
Mrs. Jamie R. Forrest and Mr. Matthew W. Forrest
Mrs. Paula O. Fortunas and Mr. Timothy Fortunas
Mr. Jackie W. Fortune and Ms. Faye O. Fortune
Dr. Donald J. Foss
Ms. Patricia D. Foss
Dr. James Price Foster and Ms. Sam Nicks Foster
Mr. Martin G. Foster and Mrs. Karen Foster
Joseph M. France, M.D. and Ms. Jane W. France
Ms. J. Kirsten Francissen
Mr. Cory A. Frank and Ms. Carrie Frank
Dr. Sam H. Frank
Mr. Herman H. Frankel and Mrs. Sharon G. Frankel
Warren L. Franz, Esq. and Ms. Helen R. Franz
Mr. Stephen C. Frasier
Dr. Harold G. Fravel, Jr. and Mrs. Sandra G. Fravel
Mr. Phillip Z. Fretwell, IV and Mrs. Priscilla A. Fretwell
Mr. Nicholas R. Friedman and Mrs. Mary F. Friedman
Tor J. Friedman, Esq.
Kathy S. Froelich, Ph.D. and Philip N. Froelich, Jr., Ph.D.
Ms. Rita L. Frost
Mr. C. David Fulcher and Ms. Terry A. Fulcher
Mr. Perry T. Fulkerson and Mrs. Margie W. Fulkerson
Mrs. Kathleen W. Funderburk and Mr. Walter C. Funderburk, Jr.
Mr. Stan Funsten and Ms. Ines Pietralunga-Funsten
Mr. Jeffrey P. Fusile, CPA and Mrs. Teresa A. Fusile
Mr. Tom R. Futch and Ms. Virginia A. Futch
Dr. Constance B. Gaede
Ms. Ellen D. Gagné
Ms. Harriet T. Gagné
Mr. Samuel T Gagné
Mr. Eric M. Gaier and Ms. Miranda J. Gaier
Mr. Gene F. Gainer and Mrs. Nancy Gainer
Mr. Davis P. Gaines
Mr. John J. Gangloff
Mrs. Donna M. Garcia and Mr. J. Carlos Garcia
Ms. Elizabeth H. Gardner
Mr. Gregory M. Gardner and Mrs. Tara E. Gardner
Mr. Gregory W. Gardner
Mr. Stowe T. Gardner and Ms. Barbara S. Gardner
Mr. William H. Gardner and Ms. Betty W. Gardner
Mr. Jeffrey D. Gargiulo and Mrs. Valerie B. Gargiulo
LTG (R) Jay M. Garner and Mrs. Mary C. Garner
Mr. Noel E. Garvin and Mrs. Sarah Garvin
Ms. Pamela P. Garvin
Mr. William H. Garvin, III
Mr. Timothy B. Gaskin and Mrs. Paula L. Gaskin
Mr. Gordon D. Gaster and Mrs. Bonnie R. Gaster
Kathy S. Gatzlaff, Esq. and Dean H. Gatzlaff, Ph.D.
Ms. Carole L. Gaudet
Mr. Richard D. Gawrych and Ms. Debra J. Gawrych
Ms. Barbara B. Gearhart
Mr. Robert J. Geniesse and Ms. Jane F. Geniesse
Dr. Karen E. Gerdes
Professor Sally C. Gertz and Dr. Marc G. Gertz
Mr. Harris Giannella
Dean Don B. Gibson, Jr. and Mrs. Kyung-Ae Gibson
Ms. Gwendolyn Gilbert
Michael R. Gilels, M.D.
Mr. Peter J. Giroux
Mr. Gregory K. Glass and Mrs. Laura K. Glass
Ms. Virginia A. Glass
Mr. Alvin B. Glatt and Ms. Elaine J. Glatt
David J. Glatthorn, Esq.
Ms. Maxine B. Glenn
The Honorable Paul M. Glenn, Jr. and Ms. Karen Glenn
Mrs. Ruth S. Glenn
Ms. Joyce E. Glick and Dr. Henry R. Glick
Mr. Craig B. Glidden and Mrs. Penny Lee Glidden
Dr. Robert Glidden and Ms. Rene C. Glidden
Mr. Donald F. Glisson, Jr. and Ms. Carolyn A. Glisson
Mr. N. Terry Godbold and Ms. Mary J. Godbold
Mrs. Fairlene E. Godfrey
Mr. W. Griffith Godfrey, Jr.
Ms. Ruth W. Godfrey-Sigler
Mrs. Joyce A. Godwin and Dr. Earl R. Godwin
Ms. Nancy H. Goff and Mr. Bryan Goff
Eric E. Goldberg, D.O.
Mr. Seymour L. Goldblatt and Mrs. Sheila Goldblatt
Mr. Jay B. Goldman and Mrs. Debra F. Goldman
Robert S. Goldman, Esq. and Ms. Lu A. Snider Goldman
Ms. Helyn S. Goldstein
Dr. Marsha E. Gontarski and Dr. Stanley E. Gontarski
Mr. Enrico G. Gonzalez and Mrs. Lisa I. Gonzalez
Mr. Ricardo Gonzalez and Ms. Kimberly A. Gonzalez
Mr. Albert Goodman
Ms. Phyllis T. Goodman
Mr. William A. Goodman and Ms. Katherine V. Goodman
Dr. Craig Gootman
Doretta E. Gordon, Ph.D.
Mr. Steven Gordon and Ms. Blanche Gordon
Dr. Suzanne E. Gordon
Mr. W. Ken Gordon and Ms. Laura W. Gordon
Mr. William K. Gordon
Mr. Bret Gorman
Ms. Lana J. Gould
Mr. J. Thomas Graham, Jr.
Mr. Bill Graham
Mr. Don E. Grant and Mrs. Carlyen R. Grant
Ms. Amy G. Gray
Mr. Duncan L. Gray, II and Mrs. Leland B. Gray
Mr. Moises T. Grayson
Mr. Richard Mario Antonio Graziadei, CFA
Dr. Patrick D. Greany and Dr. Jonita E. Stepp-Greany
Mr. Edward J. Greco and Wendy A. Welch, M.D.
Mr. Hubert M. Green and Ms. Michelle B. Green
Mr. John M. Green, Jr. and Mrs. Andrea M. Green
Dr. Michael J. Greenberg and Ms. Rebecca H. Greenberg
Mr. S. Dale Greene and Mrs. Rosa K. Greene
Mr. Bruce G. Greenwood and Dr. Bonnie Greenwood
Pamela M. Grier-Hall, M.D. and Mr. Andre C. Hall
Christopher L. Griffin, Esq. and Mrs. Kerith L. Griffin
Mr. James C. Griffin
Mr. Charles W. Griggers
Freddie L. Groomes-McLendon, Ph.D. and Mr. Dennis A. McLendon
Dr. Larry K. Gross
Mrs. Nancy A. Gross
Dr. Roy Gross and Ms. Edna S. Gross
Mr. Dave Groves and Mrs. Margaret B. Groves
Mr. Alan M. Grunspan and Ms. Helaine Grunspan
Ms. Meghan K. Gudelsky and Mr. Isadore M. Gudelsky
Mr. Thomas J. Guilday, III and Ms. Kathaleen G. Guilday
Mr. Roger N. Guillaume, Jr.
Mr. Gilman C. Gunn, III and Ms. Karen M. Gunn
Dr. Timothy S. Gunning and Ms. Katharine T. Gunning
Mr. Bill Gunter and Ms. Kathleen B. Atkins-Gunter
Dr. James D. Gwartney and Mrs. Amy M. Gwartney
Dr. William H. Haas
Mr. Richard B. Hadlow and Mrs. Cynthia E. Hadlow
Mr. W. Andrew Haggard
Mr. Allan J. Hall
Mr. Frank A. Hall and Ms. Chrisanthi C. Hall
Mr. Jerry L. Hall
Mrs. Martha Olive Hall and Mr. William D. Hall, Jr.
Mary F. Hall, Ph.D.
Mr. Richard M. Hall, Jr. and Mrs. Cheryl E. Hall
Mrs. Renee T. Hamad
Ms. Anne Hamilton
Mr. Samuel T. Hamilton, Jr. and Mrs. Judy C. Hamilton
Warren H. Hamilton, M.D. and Mrs. Pamela L. Hamilton
Mr. Richard N. Hamlin and Ms. Anne T. Hamlin
Dr. Karen Hancock
Kelly D. Hancock, Jr., Esq. and Mrs. Gloria L. Hancock
Mr. Ronald P. Hanes and Ms. Donna K. Hanes
Thomas C. Haney, M.D.
Randall W. Hanna, Esq. and Ms. Jerri L. Hanna
Ms. FayAnn Hannon
Dr. John H. Hansen and Ms. Julie Hansen
Mr. Alan S. Hanstein and Ms. Amy V. Hanstein
Mrs. Darla L. Harbaugh
Mr. Donald L. Harbaugh
Ms. Kellie D. Hardee and Mr. Kevin Hardee
Mr. James E. Harden, Jr. and Ms. Melanie T. Harden
Mr. Michael T. Harding and Mrs. Mary E. Harding
Ms. Martha L. Hardy
Mr. James A. Harkins, III and Ms. Michelle D. Harkins
Mr. John P. Harllee, III and Mrs. Kay Harllee
Mr. Jack C. Harmon, Jr. and Mrs. Joanne K. Harmon
Mr. Bruce E. Harrell and Mrs. Anne B. Harrell
Mr. Ronald A. Harris and Dr. Natholyn D. Harris
Ms. Betty L. Harrison
Dianne F. Harrison, Ph.D. and Mr. John Wujack
Dr. Thomas J. Harrison and Ms. Carol H. Harrison
Mel C. Hartsfield, M.D.
Ronald C. Hartsfield, M.D. and Mrs. Sally Hartsfield
Mrs. Sally M. Hartsfield and Ronald C. Hartsfield, M.D.
Mr. William L. Harvey and Ms. Lori L. Harvey
Ms. Ann Teel Hatcher
Mr. Christopher R. Haughee and Ms. Nancy S. Haughee
Mrs. Barbara H. Havenick
Dr. Myron L. Hayden and Mrs. Judith M. Hayden
Dr. Emily M. Haymes
Ms. Joan K. Hays
Mr. Kenneth M. Hays
Mr. Steven L. Hearn and Ms. Suzanne Hearn
Mrs. Nona M. Heaslip and Mr. William Heaslip
Ms. Deborah S. Heath and Mr. W. Kevin Kelley
Mr. Ronald A. Hedge and Mrs. Ruth A. Hedge
Mr. Ted Hedrick and Mrs. Lori Hedrick
Mr. James F. Heekin, Jr. and Ms. Marty L. Heekin
Mr. Mike Heekin
Ms. Marjorie W. Hegarty
Rudolf J. Hehn, M.D. and Mrs. Susan J. Hehn
Mr. James A. Helinger, Jr. and Ms. Kristie R. Helinger
Mrs. Janine M. Heller-Budzius and Mr. Michael J. Budzius
Mr. Arthur E. Hempel, Jr. and Mrs. Rosemary S. Hempel
Mr. Dearl L. Hemphill, III and Ms. Deidre W. Hemphill
Mr. Daniel T. Hendrix and Ms. Elizabeth V. Hendrix
Mr. Randall F. Hendrix
Mr. Robert J. Henninger, Jr. and Ms. Barbara J. Henninger
Mr. Richard L. Henry
Dr. Lawrence R. Hepburn and Dr. Mary A. Hepburn
Dr. Roy C. Herndon
Ms. Shirley S. Herrell
Mrs. Colleen M. Herrington and Mr. Gary B. Herrington
Dr. William F. Herrnkind and Ms. Lynne G. Herrnkind
Mr. R. Fred Hester and Ms. Linda J. Hester
Mr. Gerald D. Hettick and Mrs. Carolyn L. Cooper-Hettick
Mrs. Janet E. Hevey
Mr. James L. Hewitt and Mrs. Rosemary R. Hewitt
Dr. Kenneth R. Hey
Mr. C. Daniel Hicks
Dr. Mary W. Hicks
Mrs. Betty L. Higginbotham
Ms. Denise Perez Hill
H. Louis Hill, Jr., M.D. and Mrs. Calynne Hill
Mr. Jeffrey L. Hill
Paul F. Hill, Esq. and Mrs. Mollie H. Hill
Dr. Russell E. Hilliard
Mr. Donald C. Hilsmier and Mrs. Judith B. Hilsmier
Ms. Melanie A. Hines
Mr. Thomas M. Hines
Dr. Jaakko Hintikka and Ms. Ghita Hintikka
Mr. Jack M. Hipps
Ms. Terry Hipps
Mr. Jeffrey T. Hirsch and Mrs. Kimberly A. Hirsch
Mr. Sol M. Hirsch and Ms. Beverly J. Hirsch
Mr. Richard D. Hissam and Mrs. Hazel C. Hissam
Dr. Anne R. Hodges
Mr. Madison L. Hodges*
Mr. W. Paul Hoenle and Mrs. Ursula Heitmann
Mr. Gregory M. Hoerbelt and Mrs. Amy K. Hoerbelt
Susan A. Hoerbelt, Ph.D. and Mr. Richard W. Hoerbelt
Mr. Dilmus D. Hogan and Ms. Patricia Hogan
Mr. John L. Holcomb and Dr. Mary B. Holcomb
Vice Adm. (Ret.) Gordon S. Holder and Mrs. Patricia A. Holder
Mr. John L. Holland
Ms. Loretta Lewis Holliday
Mr. William H. Holly and Mrs. Allison M. Holly
Mr. Byron L. Holmes and Mrs. Yayoi Holmes
Mr. H. John Holtz and Mrs. Jan L. Holtz
Mr. Sydney Holtzman
Ms. Jill A. Hood and William H. Hood, M.D.
Mr. Tom Hopkins
Mr. David Paul Horan and Ms. Karen R. Horan
Colonel (R) Edwin F. Hornbrook
Captain Laurie H. Hosford and Mrs. Karen B. Hosford
Dr. Karin A. Hotchkiss and Mr. John S. Hotchkiss
Mr. David D. Houdeshell
Mrs. Hazel C. Hough and Mr. William R. Hough, Sr.
Mr. David W. Houze and Mrs. Michelle M. Moore-Houze
Ms. Linda L. Houze
Mr. Winston K. Howell and Mrs. Yvonne J. Howell
Mr. David L. Howick
N. Douglas Hoy, Jr.
Yun-Hwa P. Hsieh, Ph.D. and Mr. Yuch P. Hsieh
Mr. J. Michael Huey, Sr. and Mrs. Deborah C. Huey
Mr. Howard C. Huff and Mrs. Beverly T. Huff
Ms. Jane E. Hughes
Ms. Leigh Ann Hughes
Marvalene Hughes, Ph.D.
Ms. Stacey L. Hughes
Mr. Michael E. Hugunin and Mrs. Susan K. Hugunin
Mr. Charles L. Huisking, III
Mr. Daryl M. Hultman
Mr. Evan B. Hume and Ms. Jacqueline M. Hume
Humam Humeda, M.D.
Dr. Wade Humphreys
Mr. John E. Hunt, Jr. and Mrs. Linda W. Hunt
Mr. Richard S. Hunter
Mr. James F. Hutchinson and Mrs. Joan N. Hutchinson
Mr. John B. Hutt, Jr. and Ms. Mary F. Hutt
Mr. Christopher E. Iansiti
Mr. Nicholas V. Iarossi, III and Ms. Deborah L. Iarossi
Dr. Rhoda C. Icerman and Dr. Joe D. Icerman
Mr. Jay C. Ifshin and Mrs. Leslie J. Ifshin
Mr. Nikul A. Inamdar
E. Coy Irvin, M.D. and Mrs. Angela C. Irvin
Mr. John P. Irvine, Jr. and Ms. Mary L. Wakeman
Dr. R. Mark Isaac and Ms. Susan A Isaac
Mr. Edward J. Isaacs, Jr. and Ms. Patricia Isaacs
Mr. Charles S. Isler, III
Alton W. Isom, Jr., Esq. and The Honorable Claudia R. Isom
Dr. Moises Issa and Dr. Stefani M. Green-Issa
Mr. John W. Ivey and Ms. Michal K. Ivey
Mr. Francis L. Jackson
Kristin A. Jackson, M.D.
Ms. Cynthia J. Jacobs
Dr. R. D. Jacobson and Mrs. Kathleen Lynnette Jacobson
Floyd R. Jaggears, Jr., M.D. and Mrs. Melissa M. Jaggears
Ms. Patricia A. Jahoda
Mr. Hugh N. James
Michael R. Jampol, M.D. and Ms. Michelle Jampol
Ms. Barbara N. Jarabek
Ray P. Jefferies, Esq. and Ms. Janet C. Jefferies
Dr. Althea H. Jenkins
Ms. Cassandra D. Jenkins
Thomas W. Jennings, Jr., Ph.D. and Ms. Dawn C. Jennings
The Honorable James E. Joanos and Dr. Betty Lou Joanos, Ph.D.
Mr. Richard R. Joel and Ms. Elaine P. Joel
Dr. Adam M. Johnson and Dr. Stephanie A. Harrell
Mr. Albert C. Johnson and Ms. Pam Johnson
Mr. Davis M. Johnson, Sr. and Mrs. Karen Johnson
Mr. Ethan Johnson
Mr. J. Emory Johnson and Ms. Dorothy J. Johnson
Dr. Joseph B. Johnson and Mrs. Cynthia W. Johnson
Ms. Joyce L. Johnson
Mrs. Laura E. Johnson
Mr. Mikael A. Johnson
Dr. Robert M. Johnson and Mrs. Eleonore M. Johnson
Mr. Robert A. Johnson, Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Johnson
Mr. Robert D. Johnson and Mrs. Ashley F. Johnson
Senator Robert M. Johnson and Mrs. Patricia A. Johnson
Ms. Ruth B. Johnson
Suzanne B. Johnson, Ph.D.
Tommy K. Johnson, Ph.D. and Ms. Carolyn M. Johnson
Lord Roger Jomini and Lady Gladys Jomini
Dr. Billie Jo Jones
Mr. David Jones and Mrs. Laurie Jones
Mr. Donald M. Jones, Jr. and Mrs. Ginger Y. Jones
Professor Faye E. Jones and Mr. Joseph E. Taylor
Mr. Franklin C. Jones, Jr.
Dr. James P. Jones
Mr. James B. Jones, III
Mrs. Martha E. Jones
Ms. Mary Katherine B. Jones
Milton O. Jones, Ph.D. and Mrs. Alice Jones
Ms. N. Berlin Jones
Mr. Raymond A. Jones and Ms. Bonnie L. Jones
Mr. William K. Jones and Mrs. Kathleen C. Jones
Dr. William F. Jordan and Mrs. Susan V. Jordan
Mrs. Barbara W. Jorgenson
Ms. Helen K. Joseph and Mr. Jim Joseph
Mr. Kevin R. Joseph and Ms. Janet L. Joseph
Mr. Patrick F. Jubard and Mrs. Buffie A. Jubard
Mrs. Barbara A. Judd and CPT Theodore P. Judd*
Mr. George E. Judy and Ms. Kathleen B. Judy
The Honorable Frank N. Kaney and Mrs. Eleanore I. Kaney
Mr. J. Lester Kaney and Ms. Elan R. Kaney
Mr. Jonathan D. Kaney, Jr. and Mrs. Georgia M. Kaney
Ms. Mary Carol Kaney
Professor Marshall B. Kapp and Ms. Susan C. Kapp
Ms. Lilli Kasha
Kenneth P. Kato, M.D. and Ms. Nancy A. Nagy
Mr. Charles N. Kauffman and Ms. Donna M. Kauffman
Dr. Herbert E. Kaufman and Mrs. Maija U. Kaufman
Dr. Roger Kaufman and Mrs. Jannice K. Kaufman
Deborah K. Kearney, Esq. and Mr. Ernest J. Kearney
Mr. W. M. Keck, II
C. Laurence Keesey, Esq. and Ms. Lucinda Keesey
Mrs. Lynda Keever and Mr. William Eshenbaugh
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Kellenberger and Mr. Louis P. Kellenberger, Jr.
Dr. Thomas C. S. Keller, III and Dr. Laura R. Keller
Ms. Adrienne E. Kelley
John E. Kelsay, Ph.D. and Ms. Rita M. Kelsay
Ms. Margaret-Ray Kemper and Kirby W. Kemper, Ph.D.
Kathleen M. Kennedy, M.D.
Mr. Marcus A. Kennedy
Mr. Gene A. Kent and Mrs. Linda O. Kent
Mr. John J. Kerigan, Jr.
Kate A. Kerr, Ph.D.
Mr. Keith E. Kickliter and Mrs. Vicki J. Kickliter
Mr. Jim C. Kidder and Mrs. Alana C. Kidder
John E. Kieffer, M.D.
Mr. Galen B. Kilburn, Jr. and Ms. Anna N. Kilburn
Dr. Charles L. Killinger, III and Ms. Pamela S. Killinger
Ms. Laura Ray Kimberly
Mr. Arlo J. King, Jr. and Ms. Dolores S. King
Mr. Richard M. King, II and Ms. Cheryl O. King
Mr. W. Clay King and Ms. Linda Jeanne King
Mr. James E. Kinsey, Sr.
Mrs. Leslie L. Kinsey
Roy M. Kinsey, Jr., Esq. and The Honorable Patricia A. Kinsey
Mr. Preston R. Kirby and Mrs. Cynthia L. Kirby
J. William Kirkland, Esq.
Thomas F. Kirwin, Esq.
Mr. Nicholas Kissel and Ms. Lynda G. Kissel
Mr. Joseph C. Klein and Ms. Patricia A. Jackson-Klein
Mr. Michael H. Kline, Jr.
Mr. Robert G. Knight and Ms. Gail F. Knight
Mr. Harold M. Knowles and Ms. Patricia A. Knowles
Mr. James P. Knox
Mrs. Lina S. Knox and Mr. Dean E. Knox
Mr. Thomas J. Knox, Jr. and Mrs. Claire A. Knox
Fred A. Kobylarz, M.D. and Mrs. Nora Kobylarz
Mrs. Louise S. Koch and Mr. Edward O. Koch, Jr.
Mr. Arthur A. Koehler and Ms. Mikiko Koehler
Mr. Maury R. Kolchakian and Mrs. Diana K. Kolchakian
Mr. George M. Kole and Ms. Judith A. Zuckerberg
Mrs. Frances L. Kolner
Mr. Anthony M. Komlyn and Ms. Mallen E. Komlyn
Mr. Stephen A. Korbecki and Ms. Kathryn L. Korbecki
Mr. Chris L. Kraft, Sr. and Mrs. Kellie A. Kraft
Mrs. Caroline Kreimer
George R. Krell, CLU
Mr. David C. Kresge and Ms. Theresa A. Kresge
Dr. Anjaneyulu Krothapalli and Ms. Kumari Krothapalli
Mrs. Josephine R. Krouse
Dr. Max J. Kukler and Mrs. Ivah J. Kukler
Dr. Richard C. Kunkel and Dr. Dawn M. Ossont Kunkel
MAJ (R) John A. Kupiszewski and Ms. Kimberly M. Kupiszewski
Lt. Col. Alexander C. Kuras and Ms. Eileen M. Kuras
Mr. Ronnie R. Labrato and Mrs. Laurie S. Labrato
Dr. Kathleen T. Lacher and Dr. R. C. Lacher
Mr. Paul W. Lambert and Ms. Sandra C. Lambert
Mr. Donald F. Lamonica
Ms. Laura Lamonica
Mr. J. Talbot Land
Dr. Betty Lane
Mr. George T. Laney and Mrs. Janice M. Laney
Mr. A. Lawton Langford and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Langford
Mr. Bruce Langford and Ms. Kathleen Langford
Mr. G. Robertson Langford, Jr. and Mrs. Jennifer Y. Langford
Mr. Russell H. Langstroth and Ms. Wendy Langstroth
Ms. Margaret J. Lannutti
Mr. John W. Larson and Ms. Martha L. Larson
Diahann W. Lassus, CPA
Mr. Martin Lastinger
Mr. Matthew L. Lata and Ms. Phyllis M. Pancella
Mr. Steven P. Latshaw
Dante M. Laudadio, Ph.D. and Mrs. Linda C. Laudadio
Mr. Thomas Lauder and Ms. Norma G. Lauder
Dean Karen L. Laughlin and Mr. Sean Dennison
Mr. Ronald B. Lavergne
Joseph W. Lawrence, II, Esq.
Christi R. Lawson, Esq. and Mr. Jeff Lawson
Mr. J. Paul Lawson
Mr. Jeffrey T. Lawyer and Ms. Barbara L. Lawyer
Dr. Gilbert N. Lazier and Dr. Kathryn Anderson-Lazier
Dean Stephen P. Leach and Ms. Linda C. Leach
Mrs. Sharon L. Lechter and Mr. Michael A. Lechter
Mr. Altony Lee, III and Mrs. LaToya Lee
Dr. Jung A Lee
Dr. Paul Z. Lee
Dr. Robert E. Lee, III and Michele M. Lee, Ph.D.
Jay W. Leek, Ph.D.
Ms. Hilary Leff and Mr. Elliot Groffman
Mrs. Lequita M. Legette
Mrs. Sara M. Lemone
Mr. Charles M. Lenny
Mr. Dan W. Leonard and Ms. Eloise E. Leonard
Mr. Raleigh C. Leonard and Mrs. Jane J. Leonard
Dr. Rosario D. Leparulo and Dr. William E. Leparulo
Mr. Harry J. Lerner, Jr. and Ms. Reva J. Lerner
Mrs. Myrtice S. Lester and Mr. John A. Lester
Dr. Cathy W. Levenson and Dr. David B. Levenson
Mr. Matthew H. Levin
Dr. Helen D. Levine and Ms. M. Katherine Tully
Mr. Adam Levinson
Dr. John R. Lewis and Dr. Ellen P. Lewis
Mr. Kenneth G. Lewis and Ms. Laura Allen
Ms. Sharon A. Licamara
Dr. Mark H. Licht and Dr. Barbara G. Licht
Mr. Rutledge R. Liles, Jr. and Mrs. Noel L. Liles
R. Kent Lilly, Esq.
Mr. Shu Hwei Lin and Mrs. Mei Hwei Lin
Mr. Brett C. Lindquist and Ms. Cynthia R. Lindquist
Mr. Wayne G. Lindsey and Mrs. Gail Lindsey
Ms. Nancy G. Linnan and Mr. James W. York
Mr. John P. Linstroth
Domenick R. Lioce, Esq. and Ms. Celeste Lioce
Mr. Gentle Littles, III and Alma B. Littles, M.D.
Robert J. Livingston, Ph.D. and Mrs. Marilyn W. Livingston
Mr. Mark A. Llano and Ms. Suzanne P. Llano
Mrs. Nan G. Locher
Dr. Horace G. Loftin, Jr.
Juliette Lomax-Homier, M.D.
Mr. Bruce E. Long and Ms. Constance C. Long
Dr. Catherine A. Longstreth
Mr. Mark I. Lopez
Cheryl D. Lovell, Ph.D.
Mr. William J. Lucas
Mr. William P. Lueck and Dr. Karyl J. Louwenaar
Mr. Francis J. Luisi and Ms. Lauren Luisi
Lynne Y. Lummel, Ed.D. and Dr. John W. Lee
Dr. Robert S. Lumsden, Sr. and Ann S. Lumsden, Ph.D.
Ms. Anne D. Lyerly
Mr. Lynden Lyman and Mrs. Kristen Lyman
Mr. James Lynagh and Ms. Joanne Lynagh
Mr. Craig T. Lynch and Mrs. Mitzi C. Lynch
Ms. Stephanie Schoder Lynch and Mr. Hugh M. Lynch
Mr. Boyd E. Lyon, Sr.
Mr. Lake H. Lytal, Jr. and Mrs. Susan E. Lytal
Dr. Alan R. Mabe
Ms. Molly A. Mabe
Mr. Leslie MacDill, II and Professor Pamela W. Graham
Francille M. MacFarland, M.D.
Mr. Craig P. MacKenzie and Ms. Kay T. MacKenzie
Mr. Dominic C. MacKenzie and Ms. Monica R. MacKenzie
Dr. Stephen R. MacNamara
Mr. Stephen L. Madden
Dr. Clifford K. Madsen and Mrs. Mary M. Madsen
Mr. Henry E. Madsen and Ms. Lourdes Madsen
Craig C. Maguire, D.P.M.
E. Corry Maguire, D.P.M.
Raymer F. Maguire, III, Esq. and Ms. Dean H. Maguire
Mrs. Barbara P. Mahoney and John P. Mahoney, M.D.
Mr. Kevin P. Mahoney
Mr. Thomas J. Maida and Ms. Mary P. Maida
Professor Daniel Maier-Katkin and Ms. Birgit E. Maier-Katkin
Charles G. Maitland, M.D. and Ms. Lynne A. Maitland
Loretta A. Malandro, Ph.D. and Mr. Tom Beck
Mr. Michael C. Mallardi and Mrs. Joanne C. Mallardi
Sherri D. Mallory, Esq. and The Honorable Peter A. Mallory
Dr. Mark H. Malone and Dr. Patricia S. Malone
Mr. Ralph M. Mancuso and Mrs. Margaret Sue F. Mancuso
Mr. Stephen C. Mangan and Mrs. Michelle C. Mangan
Mr. John K. Manley, Jr. and Ms. Judith B. Manley
Dr. Barbara A. Mann
Dr. Elizabeth B. Mann
Mr. John R. Mann and Mrs. Kathleen Mann
Douglas L. Mannheimer, P.A. and Mrs. Mary K. Mannheimer
Mr. William D. Manning, Jr. and Ms. Carol G. Manning
Mr. Geofrey Mansfield
Mrs. Miriam Manswell
Mrs. Linda J. Maples and Mr. William J. Maples
Dr. Nancy H. Marcus
Ms. Martha S. Markham and Mr. William T. Markham
Mayor John R. Marks, III and Mrs. Jane C. Marks
Professor Patrick F. Maroney, Sr. and Mrs. Sheryl R. Maroney
Mr. Mark A. Marple and Ms. Tracy A. Marple
Jose M. Marquez, Jr., M.D. and Mrs. Sheryl B. Marquez
Dr. Rochelle A. Marrinan
Burton W. Marsh, M.D.
Dr. Alan G. Marshall and Ms. Marilyn Marshall
Mr. Byrd F. Marshall, Jr. and Ms. Tracy A. Marshall
James E. Martin, M.D. and Melissa B. Martin, M.D.
James E. Martin, M.D. and Ms. Brenda K. Martin
Randy G. Martin, Ph.D. and Sharon D. Martin, M.D.
Corporal J. R. Martinez
Mr. Julio C. Martinez, Jr. and Ms. Rene H. Martinez
Dr. Maria del Carmen Martinez
Mr. Melquiades R. Martinez and Mrs. Kathryn T. Martinez
Dr. Mark J. Martinko
Professor Paul F. Marty and Dr. Michelle M. Kazmer
Dr. James P. Marum and Ms. Michele A. Marum
Ms. Liz Maryanski and Mr. Robert E. Maryanski
Mr. Robert A. Massave and Ms. Karen Massave
Mrs. Sally H. Massey
Mr. Walter T. Massey, Jr. and Ms. June M. Massey
Mr. Leonard Mastrogiacomo and Mrs. Norma Mastrogiacomo
Mr. Craig C. Mateer and Ms. Dawn C. Mateer
D. Michael Mathes, Esq. and Ms. Marcia M. Mathes
Ms. Anortha Mathes-Waters
Janet S. Matthews, Ph.D. and Mr. A. Lamar Matthews, Jr.
Mr. John M. Mauldin and Ms. Amy E. Mauldin
Mrs. Erica R. Maxwell and Mr. Phillip N. Maxwell
Mr. Philip W. May
Dennis Mayeaux, M.D.
Ms. Isobel B. Mayfield
Mr. Martin R. Mayhew and Ms. Sabrina Mayhew
Mr. Donald C. Maynard
Ms. Cheryl A. Maze
Dean Nicholas F. Mazza
Mr. Thomas M. McAlpin and Mrs. Yvonne McAlpin
Dr. Vicki H. McArthur and Mr. Charles C. McArthur, III
Mr. Terry S. McCall and Ms. Debra L. McCall
Mr. Richard P. McCook and Ms. Anne T. McCook
Mr. James K. McCormick and Ms. Ellen H. McCormick
Dr. Margot D. McCullers
Mr. Gerald G. McDonald
Mr. Glen R. McDonald and Ms. Katrina R. McDonald
Mrs. Velma R. McDonald and The Honorable Parker L. McDonald
Mrs. Noel P. McDonell and Mr. Mark A. McDonell
Ms. Mary A. McDonough
Stephen D. McDowell, Ph.D. and Ms. Jeannie R. McDowell
Ms. Judith A. McGunegle
Mr. William B. McHugh
Mr. William F. McHugh and Ms. Donna H. McHugh
Mr. C. Howard McKay and Ms. Valerie McKay
Mr. James L. McKeown, Sr.
Ms. Elsa L. McKinney and Meredith McKinney, M.D.
Mr. Benjamin A. McKnight, III and Ms. Janice M. McKnight
Mr. John S. McLachlin and Mrs. Donna M. McLachlin
Ms. Mary B. McLachlin
Jack L. McLean, Jr., Esq. and Ms. Bernice R. McLean
Mr. Leslie A. McLean, II and Mrs. Arwena B. McLean
Paul A. McLeod, M.D. and Mrs. Melissa K. McLeod
Mr. Amos R. McMullian, Sr. and Mrs. Jackie W. McMullian
Mr. John S. McNally, Jr. and Mrs. Carol M. McNally
Mr. Thomas E. McNally and Mrs. Lynn M. McNally
Mr. Scott M. McNichols and Mrs. Ina R. McNichols
Dr. Sally E. McRorie
Ms. Terry Meek
Mr. Paul D. Meek and Joan Y. Meek, M.D.
Mr. Timothy J. Meenan, Jr. and Mrs. Jill E. Meenan
Mrs. Margaret V. Meeter and Dr. Duane A. Meeter
Mr. George L. Meffert, Jr. and Mrs. Cynthia T. Meffert
Mr. Wellington H. Meffert, II and Ms. Cari L. Roth
Mr. Harry S. Meisel and Mrs. Janice E. Meisel
Mr. Timothy E. Mele and Ms. Sandra D. Mele
Ms. Francesca A. Melichar and Frank A. Melichar, M.D.
Mr. Stuart J. Mellish and Andrea Woods, M.D.
Dr. Edward K. Mellon, Jr. and Mrs. Dianne V. Mellon
Mr. James H. Melton and Mrs. Patricia S. Melton
Mr. Robert W. Menzel, Jr.
Mr. David J. Metcalf and Dr. E. Lee Metcalf
Douglas G. Meuser, M.D. and Mrs. Carole J. Meuser
Mr. Kenneth M. Meuser
James R. Meyer, Sr., Esq.
Major General John G. Meyer, Jr. and Mrs. Mary T. Meyer
Mrs. Patricia W. Meyer
Mr. Gregory R. Michaud and Ms. Michelle Michaud
Mr. Max E. Milam and Ms. Kim M. Milam
Mrs. A. Vicki Miles
Daniel T. Miles, M.D. and Ms. Linda E. Miles
Mrs. Joyce B. Miles and Mr. Bob L. Miles
Steven G. Miles, M.D. and Ms. Nancy S. Miles
Mr. Gregory W. Milford
Ms. Betty J. Miller
Mr. Gregory L. Miller and Mrs. Victoria L. Miller
Mr. James B. Miller, Jr.
Mrs. Jaye C. Miller and Mr. P. D. Miller
Ms. Jeanne L. Miller
Mr. Kenneth R. Miller, Jr. and Mrs. Cindy Roberts Miller
Mrs. Lesley L. Miller
Mrs. Nancy S. Miller and Mr. Keith A. Miller
Mr. Robert P. Miller and Ms. Patricia V. Miller
Travis L. Miller, Esq. and Ms. Karena A. Miller
Mr. William B. Milliken and Mrs. Evelyn M. Milliken
Ms. Eloise B. Mills
Ms. Margaret D. Mills and Mr. Kenneth S. Mills
Mr. M. Scott Mills
Mrs. Peggy Mills
Mr. Thomas J. Mills and Mrs. Selby A. Mills
Mr. William E. Mills, III and Ms. Alecia P. Mills
Ms. Colleen Millsaps
Mr. Gregory Mirand
Mrs. Kristen K. Mitchell
Mr. M. Andrew Mitchell, Jr. and Mrs. Kathleen I. Mitchell
Mr. Darren S. Mize and Ms. Michelle B. Mize
Mr. Steven A. Mize and Ms. Lori M. Mize
Mr. David D. Mobley, Jr. and Ms. Catherine C. Mobley
Lawrence E. Mobley, III, M.D.
Robert S. Mogyorosy, Ph.D. and Mrs. Joy Lee Mogyorosy
Ms. Karyn L. Molnar
The Honorable William J. Montford, III and Mrs. Jane G. Montford
Ms. Melanie J. Montgomery
Mr. William W. Montjoy and Ms. Adriana M. Montjoy
Mr. Ray E. Moody and Mrs. Virginia Moody
Mr. Ahli L. Moore
Dr. Dennis D. Moore
Dr. Edwin H. Moore and Mrs. Kathleen A. Moore
Ms. Marian B. Moore and Walter L. Moore, Jr., Ph.D.
Mr. Walter Moos
Mr. Jorge F. Morales and Mrs. Marjorie F. Morales
Ms. JoAnn H. Morgan
Mrs. Joan L. Morris
Dana Morris-Brooks, Esq. and Mr. Joseph E. Brooks
Mr. Angus C. Morrison, II and Mrs. Maureen F. Morrison
Rita M. Moser, Ph.D.
Mr. Fredrick B. Mott, Jr.
Mr. John B. Mowell
Mr. Joseph D. Moye and Ms. Teresa L. Moye
Mr. James C. Mueller, Jr. and Mrs. Karen D. Mueller
Paula D. Mueller, M.D.
Mr. Eric Munoz and Mrs. Stacey L. Munoz
Mr. Jason O. Munshower and Mrs. Kimberiee Munshower
Dr. Ramaswamy Murari and Mrs. Christianna L. Strohbeck
Mr. Brian P. Murphy and Ms. Renee J. Murphy
Dr. M. Dianne Murphy
Mr. E. Edward Murray, Jr. and Ms. M. Susan Murray
Michael J. Muszynski, M.D. and Ms. Jane L. Muszynski
Dr. Karen L. Myers and Dr. Mark F. Pietralunga
Wendy A. Myers, M.D. and Luckey M. Dunn, M.D.
Dr. Gregory L. Nagel and Mrs. Dorothy L. Nagel
Mr. Ernest J. Nagy
Mr. R. W. Nahstoll
Dr. Roald Nasgaard and Dr. Lori J. Walters
Mr. Mark W. Nash
Mr. Paul W. Neal and Mrs. Irene Neal
Mr. Terry H. Neill and Ms. Elizabeth G. Neill
Ronald L. Nelson, Esq. and Ms. Carol R. Ruebsamen
Mr. James W. Newman, Jr. and Mrs. Betty S. Newman
Lawrence Newman, Esq.
Dr. Eugene D. Nichols
Ms. Kate C. Nichols
Mr. Hinton F. Nobles, Jr. and Ms. Carol C. Nobles
Mrs. Pamela W. Nobles and Mr. Allen K. Nobles
Mr. George K. Noga, Jr. and Ms. Catherine Noga
Mr. Bryan S. Norcross
Mrs. Susan P. Norton and Mr. Robert L. Norton
Ms. Monterey T. Nosari
Mr. M. David Novak and Ms. Robin S. Novak
Mr. James W. Nuebel and Mrs. Esther E. Nuebel
Ms. Ashley R. Nuzzo
Mr. Sal J. Nuzzo, Jr.
J. Stephen O'Hara, Jr., Esq. and Mrs. Jerilynn M. O'Hara
Mr. Brian D. O'Neill and Mrs. Bonnie R. O'Neill
Ms. Bridget L. O'Ryan
Mr. Daniel F. O'Shea and Mrs. Laura S. O'Shea
Thomas V. O'Sullivan, D.D.S., D.M.D.
Mr. Eugene I. Oberdorfer, II and Mrs. Saralyn B. Oberdorfer
Mr. Ronald S. Ochipa and Mrs. Mary C. Ochipa
Ms. Karen L. Oehme and Professor Nat S. Stern
Mr. Jarret C. Oeltjen and Mrs. Sharon D. Oeltjen
Professor Jane N. Ohlin and Mr. John P. Ohlin
Dr. Homer A. Ooten and Ms. Yvonne M. Ooten
Dr. Timothy C. Opler and Mrs. Susan Lewis
Neil R. Oslos, M.D.
Mr. Grant J. Ostlund and Mrs. Claudia J. Ostlund
Dr. William H. Outlaw, Jr. and Ms. Nedra Outlaw
Mr. Larry J. Overton
Mr. Carl L. Owenby, Jr. and Ms. Helen G. Owenby
Miss Ermine M. Owenby, Jr.
Mr. Kenneth R. Owenby and Ms. Belinda Day Owenby
Bob Owens, Esq. and Mrs. Denise S. Owens
Ms. Margery L. Pabst
Mr. James B. Pace and Mrs. Linda M. Pace
Mr. Michael J. Pacetti and Mrs. Cynthia A. Pacetti
Mrs. Sarah C. Page and Mr. John Page, Jr.
Ms. Emily A. Painter
Curtis S. Pajcic, Esq. and Ms. Joanna R. Pajcic
Mr. Seth A. Pajcic and Mrs. Kathleen M. Pajcic
Mr. Anthony L. Palmer and Mrs. Jennifer K. Palmer
Mr. Thomas F. Panebianco and Ms. Rebecca B. Panebianco
Mary L. Pankowski, Esq. and Mr. Joseph M. Pankowski
Mr. Gregory E. Pape and Ms. Janna Pape
David B. Paradice, Ph.D. and Ms. Cheryl C. Paradice
Mr. Francisco J. Paredes
Keith B. Paredes, M.D. and Mrs. Elizabeth L. Paredes
Dharnidhar V. Parikh, Ph.D. and Ms. Ameeta D. Parikh
Thomas R. Park, Ph.D. and Mrs. Susan H. Park
Mrs. Diane Williams Parker
Mrs. Edna H. Parker
Mrs. Paula R. Parker
Mr. Robert C. Parker, Jr.
Mr. William M. Parker and Ms. Charlotte H. Parker
Ms. Ann W. Parramore
Mrs. Nancy J. Parrish and Mr. Charles M. Parrish, III
Dr. B. Kay Pasley
Rajesh Patel, M.D. and Mrs. Sharda Patel
Mr. Jimmy T. Patronis, Sr. and Mrs. Helen C. Patronis
The Honorable Jimmy T. Patronis, Jr. and Mrs. Katie L. Patronis
Ms. Leslie France Patterson and Dean Frank M. Patterson, III
Mr. Michael E. Pattillo and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Pattillo
Ms. Lucie M. Patton and Mr. Charles C. Patton
Mr. John Paulich, III and Ms. Sara Ann Paulich
Mr. W. Jay Payne and Ms. Ann S. Gabor
Dr. Graham Peacock
Mr. M. Delacy Peavy, III
Thomas G. Pelham, Esq. and Ms. Vivian L. Pelham
Mr. Stephan A. Pendorf and Ms. Jung J. Pendorf
Mr. Leonard Pepper and Mrs. Marilyn Pepper
Mr. Ronald Pepper and Mrs. Natalie Pepper
Mr. Mark A. Perez and Ms. Valarie A. Ianniello
Ms. Mary L. Perfect
Mr. Charles M. Perret and Mrs. Charlotte I. Perret
Donald J. Perry, M.D. and Dana Broussard-Perry, M.D.
Mr. James A. Peters and Mrs. Catherine C. Peters
Ms. Jennifer S. Petrillo
Mr. Thomas C. Petrillo
Mr. Brooks H. Pettit and Mrs. Almena H. Pettit
Mr. Michael M. Petty
Mr. David Pfaff
Mr. David E. Phillips and Ms. Lee Ann Phillips
Mr. Colin S. Phipps and Ms. Anne Lippe Phipps
Mrs. Geraldine H. Piccard
Mr. Jason M. Piccolo
Mr. Vernon W. Pidgeon and Ms. Norma Pidgeon
Dr. Robert W. Pierce
Robert A. Pierce, Esq. and Ms. Caryl G. Pierce
Ms. Tina K. Pierce
Ms. Melissa L. Piersol and Dr. Jon R. Piersol
Mr. Matthew Pietralunga and Ms. Camille Pietralunga
Mr. Steve W. Pigott and Ms. Tamara W. Pigott
Ms. Calley Piland
Mr. Vincent D. Pindat and Ms. Dawn Pindat
Dr. James E. Pitts and Mrs. Martha D. Pitts
Mr. Louis M. Plansoen, II
Dr. Elizabeth J. Platt
Mrs. Janice K. Platt
Mr. Ernest H. Polak and Ms. Ghislaine Polak
Col.(R) Robert C. Pollard, Jr. and Ms. Pamela S. Pollard
Mrs. Christina Pomeroy
Mr. Melvin L. Pope, Jr. and Ms. Katharine J. Pope
Dr. Wayne M. Pope and Mrs. Mary A. Pope
Mr. William R. Porter and Mrs. Martha S. Porter
Mr. Simon H. Portnoy and Mrs. L. Portnoy
Mr. Steve A. Possino and Laura L. Possino, Ph.D.
Mr. Michael E. Pou and Ms. Julie R. Pou
Mr. David F. Powell and Mrs. Joanna Powell
Mr. Robert T. Powell and Ms. Nancy L. Powell
Mr. Stanley B. Powell and Mrs. Roberta Powell
Stephen P. Preisser, Esq. and Ms. Tracey L. Preisser
Ronald F. Premuroso, Ph.D.
Mr. Thomas L. Preston
Mr. Jerald S. Price
Colonel (R) Karl V. Price and Mrs. Melva J. Price
Dean Mary Kathleen Price
Mr. Scott G. Price and Ms. Tiffany Price
Mrs. Tina N. Price
Ms. Lori F. Priess
Dr. Nikki J. Pritchett
Mr. Robert H. Pruitt and Mrs. Joan M. Crowe
Mrs. Ruth C. Pryor
Mr. Eric T. Przybylek
Vinayak V. Purandare, M.D. and Mrs. Vidya Purandare
H. Mark Purdy, Esq. and Ines O. Purdy, M.D.
Mr. E. Everett Puri
Mr. Michael Quackenbush and Mrs. Savina G. Quackenbush
Dr. David M. Quadagno and Dr. Jill S. Quadagno
Ms. Sherry A. Quarello and Mr. Mark J. Richards
Sandra Quesada, Ph.D. and Ms. Marcia R. Ferguson
Mr. Alan R. Quinby and Dr. Susan M. Brainerd
Mr. Alexander E. Quince and Mrs. Sandra M. Quince
Mr. Mark J. Quinn
Dr. Frederick A. Raffa and Dr. Jean B. Raffa
Dr. Joel H. Rainer and Ms. Elizabeth C. Rainer
Russell B. Rainey, D.M.D. and Cheryl A. Rainey, Ph.D.
Mr. John H. Rains, III and Mrs. Karan H. Rains
Ms. Joan H. Raley
David E. Ramba, Esq.
Ms. Sarah P. Ramsey
Mr. Thomas J. Randle
Mr. Roosevelt Randolph, Jr.
Mr. Douglas W. Ransom and Mrs. Wendy L. Ransom
Dean David W. Rasmussen and Mrs. Joanne Oliveri-Rasmussen
Barbara D. Ray, Ph.D.
Mr. Richard Ray
Mr. Stephen M. Ray and Ms. Joan M. Ray
Mr. Richard W. Raybuck and Mrs. Sandra A. Raybuck
Dr. J. D. Rayburn, II and Ms. Rebecca H. Rayburn
Mr. Ronald L. Rayevich and Mrs. Helen B. Rayevich
Mr. Eric J. Reading
Dr. Robert C. Reardon and Dr. Janet G. Lenz
Mr. Kenneth J. Reckford and Ms. Charlotte Reckford
Ms. Betty E. Redd
Mr. G. Bruce Redditt and Ms. Sara P. Redditt
Donald E. Reed, Ph.D. and Arthea J. Reed, Ph.D.
Mr. John D. Rees and Ms. Sue N. Rees
Mr. Ernest B. Reeve
Dr. Robert H. Reeves and Mrs. Jane Y. Reeves
Mr. Ted M. Reiter, Sr. and Ms. Elizabeth A. Reiter
Mr. Franklin D. Resnick
Mr. Charles R. Reusing
Elena Reyes, Ph.D.
The Honorable George S. Reynolds, III and Mrs. Ruth A. Reynolds
Mr. Robert E. Rice and Ms. Lenore M. Rice
Mr. Rodney L. Rich and Ms. Kricket O. Rich
Dr. Valliere T. Richard Auzenne
Dr. Phyllis L. Richards
Mr. James W. Richardson, II and Ms. Shirley Richardson
Robert G. Richardson, CPA and Mrs. Dorothy M. Richardson
Mr. Ronald R. Richmond and Ms. Sharon D. Richmond
Aref Rifai, M.D. and Mrs. Rasha Rifai
Professor Jane Rigler
Mr. Clifford L. Riles and Ms. Sue K. Riles
Ms. Sugie Riley
Mrs. Madge J. Ringbakk and Mr. Kjell-Arne Ringbakk
Dr. George Riordan and Ms. Karen E. Clarke
Mr. James A. Riscigno and Mrs. Virginia A. Riscigno
Mr. Kyle D. Riva and Ms. Rebecca R. Riva
Mr. John T. Rivers, Jr. and Mrs. Monica J. Rivers
Ms. Carol J. Robbins and Mr. Jason S. Robbins
Mr. John S. Robbins and Mrs. Gail W. Robbins
Mr. George A. Roberts
Mr. Roger W. Roberts and Mrs. Mary H. McCallum
Mrs. Tance E. Roberts and Mr. Michael Z. Roberts
Ms. Nancy E. Robertson
Bruce E. Robinson, M.D. and Mrs. Sandra P. Robinson
Mr. Ken D. Robinson and Mrs. Cindy G. Robinson
Mrs. Mary Ann Robinson
Mr. Richard G. Rodick, Jr. and Mrs. Donna Rodick
Mr. Peter Rodriguez, Jr.
Mr. Raul R. Rodriguez
Mrs. Katherine L. Rogers
Mr. Samuel B. Rogers, Sr. and Ms. Mary Margaret Rogers
Mr. Myron L. Rolle
Ms. Wendy C. Rollins
Mr. Harold R. Ronson
Dr. Patricia A. Rose
Mr. Richard A. Rose, Jr. and Mrs. Virginia Rose
Ms. Monica L. Rosner
Captain Charles A. Ross, Sr. and Ms. Donna M. Ross
Mr. Kenneth P. Ross, II and Ms. Kerry H. Ross
Ms. Judith A. Rossetti
Professor James E. Rossi
Mr. James F. Roth and Mrs. Sharon E. Roth
Robert L. Rothman, Esq. and Mrs. Sylvia G. Rothman
Mr. T. Marshall Rousseau
Dr. Kenneth H. Roux and Mrs. Shirley E. Roux
Mr. H. Lamar Rowe, Sr. and Dean Anne E. Rowe
Mr. Brian Edward Rowland
Mrs. Cheryl D. Rowland
Mrs. Jean F. Roye
Richard L. Rubenstein, Ph.D.
Mr. James M. Rudnick and Ms. Mary F. Rudnick
Mr. Jon R. Ruggeri and Mrs. Donna J. Ruggeri
Mr. Richard G. Rumrell and Mrs. Josie S. Rumrell
Mr. Davage J. Runnels, Jr. and Ms. Bonnie Runnels
Mr. John D. Russell, Jr.
Mr. Matthew W. Ryan and Ms. Glenarva S. Ryan
Mr. Edward G. Sabin and Mrs. Deborah I. Sabin
Mr. Ron L. Sachs and Mrs. Gay Webster-Sachs
Mr. John A. Sadden, Jr. and Mrs. Katharina E. Sadden
Ronald H. Saff, M.D.
Ms. Rebecca D. Sager
Mr. Mark Salzberg and Mrs. Donna Salzberg
Jacob A. Samander, M.D.
Dr. James P. Sampson, Jr. and Mrs. Sandra M. Sampson
Thomas E. Sanders, CPA
Dr. Leo Sandon, Jr.
Mr. John M. Sansom and Ms. Darlene W. Sansom
F. Robert Santos, Esq.
Ms. Joann E. Sapolsky
Mr. Harry Sargeant, III and Ms. Deborah Sargeant
Mr. Anthony G. Sarna and Mrs. Susan S. Sarna
Mr. Laurence R. Saslaw and Mrs. Jennifer M. Saslaw
Mrs. Hildy M. Sastre and Mr. Michael A. Sastre
Mrs. Ruth Sataloff
Mr. Charles R. Savidge and Mrs. Phyllis Savidge
Dr. Joseph F. Savona
Ms. Carol Sayre
Ms. Jane M. Sayre
Peter J. Scanlon, Ph.D. and Mrs. Lois A. Scanlon
Mr. Thomas P. Scarritt, Jr. and Mrs. Linda Scarritt
Joseph E. Scherger, M.D. and Ms. Carol M. Scherger
Dr. Harold A. Schiffman and Dr. Jane Perry-Camp
Ms. Marguerite M. Schlitt
Dr. David G. Schmeling and Dr. Winifred H. Schmeling
Mr. Donald W. Schmeling and Ms. Judy A. Schmeling
Mr. Wilbert Schmidt
Mr. Albert H. Schneckloth
Mr. Raymond V. Schneider, V and Mrs. Maria J. Schneider
Ms. Ina L. Schnell
Mr. Matthew J. Schnippert and Jennifer A. Schnippert, R.N.
Mr. David E. Schoenborn, Sr. and Mrs. Marion G. Schoenborn
Dr. J. Robert Schrieffer
Mrs. Nancy J. Schroeder and Mr. Mark Schroeder
Thomas G. Schultz, Esq. and Mrs. Denise E. Schultz
Ms. Jean F. Schulz
Mr. Charles R. Schumacher
Dr. Kathryn P. Scott
Mr. Mark K. Scott and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Scott
CAPT Winston E. Scott and Mrs. Marilyn K. Scott
Mr. Allen R. Seaman and Mrs. Pirjo H. Seaman
Dr. Gayle Seaton and Dr. S. Douglass Seaton
Mr. Bob Seaward and Ms. Helen H. Seaward
Ms. Linda J. Seaward and Lieutenant Robert G. Seaward
Ms. Roselyn Feinberg Sedlezky
Mr. H. Dean Sellers and Mrs. Sara F. Sellers
Mr. Brent W. Sembler and Mrs. Debbie Nye Sembler
Mr. Richard P. Sergel and Ms. Susan K. Baggett
Dr. Elizabeth G. Serow
Ms. Erika M. Serow
LTC David Sessions and Ms. Leslie P. Kitching
James D. Sewell, Ph.D.
Mr. R. Floyd Sewell, III and Ms. Hilda S. Sewell
Mr. Steve A. Shackelford, Jr. and Mrs. Carolyn S. Shackelford
Mr. Stephen G. Shank and Judith F. Shank, M.D.
Mr. Cyrus H. Sharp, III and Ms. Nancy V. Sharp
Mr. Kevin J. Sharp and Ms. Cherie D. Sharp
Mrs. Phyllis D. Sharpe and Dr. John R. Sharpe
Kenneth L. Shaw, Ph.D. and Mrs. Ann K. Shaw
Mr. Thomas H. Shea and Ms. Maureen A. Shea
Mr. James R. Shelton, III and Mrs. Ellen S. Shelton
Francis H. Sheppard, Esq. and Ms. Lisa B. Sheppard
Brigadier General Michael K. Sheridan and Ms. Nancy C. Sheridan
Mr. Michael H. Sheridan and Ms. Judy W. Sheridan
Richard J. Sheridan, M.D. and Mrs. Maureen N. Sheridan
Mr. Howard B. Sherman
Ms. Elaine S. Sherron*
Dr. Gene T. Sherron
Mr. William L. Shields
Mr. William C. Shimp and Ms. Laurie R. Shimp
Mr. R. Kent Shoemaker, Jr. and Ms. Lynn M. Shoemaker
Mrs. Ruth K. Shugart
Mr. Sol L. Shwartz and Mrs. Elayne P. Bernstein
Mrs. Janet T. Sigler and Mr. G. Philip Sigler, III
Dr. Michael W. Sill
Ms. Jean E. Simpson
Mrs. M. Kay Simpson and Mr. Michael Thomas Simpson
Mr. Matthew J. Simpson and Ms. Alicia J. Simpson
Mrs. Helena J. Sims and Mr. John A. Sims
Dr. Bawa S. Singh and Dr. Karen L. Singh
Mr. Kevin B. Sisson and Ms. Phyllis M. Sisson
Dr. Ruth Sisson
Dr. Margaret A. Sitton
Mr. Jack M. Skelding, Jr.
Mr. Benson L. Skelton, Jr. and Mrs. Betty Ann Skelton
Mr. Anthony F. Skey and Ms. Carol M. Skey
Mr. J. Ronald Skipper and Mrs. Ann L. Skipper
Mr. David A. Skup and Mrs. Joan E. Skup
Mrs. Ruth T. Sliger
Charles A. Smallwood, M.D. and Kristin W. Smallwood, M.D.
Ms. Nancy B. Smilowitz
Denise M. Smith, Esq. and Mr. Bryan K. Smith
Mr. Fincher W. Smith and Mrs. Della H. Smith
Ms. Gertrude Smith
Mr. Gilbert P. Smith and Mrs. Nan C. Smith
Gina G. Smith, Esq.
Dr. James Calvin Smith, Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth R. Smith
Mrs. Julia B. Smith
Ms. Julia E. Smith
Mr. Lomax Smith and Ms. Sue D. Smith
Mr. Michael Smith
Mr. M. Durwood Smith and Ms. Flora A. Smith
Mr. Mitchell A. Smith
Mrs. Patricia J. Smith and Mr. Ronald G. Smith
Dr. Patrick A. Smith
Mr. Randell A. Smith and Mrs. Carolyn J. Smith
Mr. Robert S. Smith
Robert M. Smith, II, M.D. and Ms. Michelle Smith
Scott B. Smith, Esq. and Ms. Monica R. Smith
Mr. Taylor Smith and Mrs. Kathleen E. Smith
Mr. Terry R. Smith and Mrs. Valerie M. Smith
Mr. Vernon D. Smith and Mrs. Brenda K. Smith
Mr. William T. Smith and Mrs. Cynthia Smith
Mr. Murk L. Smitherman, Jr. and Ms. Kathy A. Smitherman
Mr. Charles W. Smithers, Jr. and Mrs. Julie S. Smithers
Mr. Leslie R. Smout and Mrs. Judith N. Smout
Mr. Joseph M. Snowden
Mr. Stephen F. Snyder
Mr. Mark D. Sobel
Dr. E. Ray Solomon, Sr. and Mrs. Mary W. Solomon
Mr. Richard J. Solomon and Ms. Janice M. Kane
Daniel M. Soloway, Esq. and Ms. Natalie A. Soloway
Dr. Yoo J. Song
Mounzer Soued, M.D.
Mrs. Jean T. Souter
Mr. J. Todd South and Ms. Lisa D. South
Mr. Jerry F. Sowell, Jr. and Ms. Mary S. Sowell
Mr. James F. Sowinski and Mrs. Brenda J. Sowinski
Mr. Douglas C. Spears and Ms. Judy A. Spears
Judge Karen K. Specie and Mr. Gary W. Specie
Carl G. Speer, M.D. and Ms. Pamela G. Speer
Mrs. Beverly B. Spencer
Ms. Sue L. Spencer
Dr. Robert A. Spivey and Mrs. Martha C. Spivey
Ms. Lisa L. Spooner
Ms. Marilyn A. Spores
Mr. John M. Spottswood, Jr. and Mrs. Terri M. Spottswood
Mr. Julian J. Spradlin*
Mr. Gordon J. Sprague and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Sprague
Peter C. Springer, M.D.
Mr. Phillip C. Spurgeon
Dr. Douglas St. Angelo and Ms. Patricia St. Angelo
Dr. Edward W. St. Mary, III and Ms. Loretta B. St. Mary
Mr. Bradley J. Stackpoole
Dr. Raymond C. Staley
Mr. Allan E. Stamm and Mrs. Lori J. Stamm
Dr. Jayne Standley and Dr. Fred L. Standley
Mr. A. Barry Stanley and Ms. Pamela T. Stanley
Ms. Karen L. Stanley
Col.(R) Karl F. Stark and Ms. Peggy F. Stark
Mr. Jerry L. Starkey and Ms. Elizabeth C. Starkey
Mr. John G. Starling
Ms. Sheri L. Staten
Mark G. Stavros, M.D.
Mr. Jay Stein
Mr. Christopher A. Steiner and Mrs. Lisa C. Steiner
Mr. Robert A. Stenstream
Mrs. Nancy M. Stepina-Robison and Mr. J. Jeffrey Robison*
Mrs. Patricia H. Stepping
Gerald B. Sternstein, Esq. and Ms. Susan Sternstein
Dr. Ellen S. Stevens-Roseman
Mr. James H. Stevenson and Mrs. Carolyn S. Stevenson
Mr. Lorin R. Stieff and Mrs. Harriet B. Stieff
Curtis C. Stine, M.D. and Mrs. Linda C. Stine
Dean Patricia L. Stith and Dr. Melvin Thomas Stith, Sr.
Mr. Murray M. Stokely, III and Ms. Linda D. Stokely
Mr. Bruce M. Stone and Ms. Anita K. Stone
Ronald F. Stone, Ph.D. and Mrs. Marcia T. Stone
Mr. John R. Stoner and Mrs. Linda Stoner
Mr. Robert W. Stork and Mrs. Carmen N. Stork
Mr. Charles S. Stratton and Ms. Susan A. Stratton
Mr. Charles N. Straub and Ms. Joanne B. Straub
Ms. Peggy B. Straw
Mr. David A. Straz, Jr. and Mrs. Catherine L. Straz
Mr. James K. Streem
Ms. Frankie H. Strickland
Mr. Mark G. Striffler
Mr. Larry O. Strom and Mrs. Hilda E. Strom
Mr. Charles A. Stryker, III and Dr. Laurey T. Stryker
Ms. Susan V. Stucker and Mr. Bruce A. Stucker
Mr. Robert C. Stuke, Sr.
Mr. Karl E. Stupski and Mrs. Catherine R. Stupski
Dr. F. William Summers and Ms. Lorraine D. Summers
Dr. Padmanabhan Sundararaman and Ms. Margaret E. Green
Mr. Michael S. Sutton and Ms. Kathleen Sutton
Mr. Richard S. Swaine and Dr. Linda G. Swaine
Mr. Ronald E. Swaine and Mrs. Olivia Bailey Swaine
Dr. James R. Swanson, Sr. and Dr. Lucille A. Swanson
Mr. James C. Sweat and Ms. Theresa B. Sweat
Mr. William R. Taaffe and Mrs. Joyce G. Taaffe
Mr. Takao Tanabe
Mrs. Betty Tanner
Dr. Helene Tanous
Mrs. Allison E. Tant and Mr. Barry S. Richard
Mr. Dalton A. Tate, Jr. and Mrs. Donna Tate
Ms. Joyce Tate
John R. Taylor, Ph.D. and Cynthia Tie, M.D.
CDR Kenneth B. Taylor and Mrs. Claire M. Taylor
Mr. Todd D. Taylor and Mrs. Mary E. Taylor
Christopher M. Teaf, Ph.D. and Mrs. Pat A. Teaf
Ms. Clara J. Teel
Dudley G. Teel, M.D.
Mr. Robert C. Teel, Sr. and Mrs. Dixey R. Teel
The Honorable Terry D. Terrell
Dr. John A. Tetnowski and Ms. Jennifer E. Tetnowski
Mr. Hans W. Tews
Dr. Norman E. Thagard and Mrs. Rex K. Thagard
Mr. John W. Thiel and Mrs. Karen C. Thiel
Mr. James F. Thielen and Mrs. Carol E. Thielen
Ms. Bethany W. Thomas and Mr. Frederick A. Powers
John E. Thomas, Esq. and Ms. Stephanie W. Thomas
Mr. John B. Thomas, III
Mr. Jon C. Thomas and Mrs. Patsy A. Thomas
Ms. Mary Ann Thomas
Ms. Sarah F. Thomas
Mrs. Anne W. Thompson
Mr. Byron N. Thompson, Jr. and Mrs. Susan Thompson
Daniel H. Thompson, Esq. and Robin H. Thompson, Esq.
The Honorable Emerson R. Thompson, Jr. and The Honorable Geraldine F. Thompson
Ms. Anona E. Thorne
G. Conley Thornhill, Jr., CFP and Ms. Jenifer L. Thornhill
Dr. Janet R. Thornton
J. Thompson Thornton, Esq. and Julie S. Thornton, Esq.
Ben W. Thrower, M.D. and Karen S. Thrower, M.D.
Mr. J. William Tillett, Jr. and Mrs. Trudi R. Tillett
Ms. Lois P. Timberlake and Colonel Tedsan S. Timberlake
Mr. Christopher M. Todd
Mr. Richard C. Todd, Sr.
Mr. Miles F. Toder
Mr. James B. Tollerton and Mrs. Susan S. Tollerton
Mr. Stevens E. Tombrink
Mr. Steve J. Torcise, Jr. and Ms. Karen B. Torcise
Mr. J. Thomas Touchton and Ms. Lavinia Witt Touchton
Mr. Grady M. Townsend and Mrs. Dereida O. Bowlin Townsend
Mr. William L. Townsend, Jr. and Ms. Judith P. Townsend
Mr. Scott K. Tozian and Mrs. Susan A. Tozian
George E. Tragos, Esq. and Mrs. Donna M. Tragos
Representative Anthony T. Traviesa, II and Mrs. Andreina B. Traviesa
Mr. William L. Trawick
Mr. Fred M. Tresca and Ms. Deborah J. Tresca
Mrs. Mildred Trezza
Mr. Steven M. Trigg and Mrs. Karen M. Trigg
Mr. Todd D. Trimmer and Mrs. Annie L. Trimmer
Theodore L. Tripp, Jr., Esq. and Ms. Deborah H. Tripp
Mrs. Anna Maria Troiano
Mr. John H. Trott and Ms. Rebecca A. Trott
Philip D. Troyer, M.D. and Mrs. Deirdre G. Troyer
Dr. Walter K. Tschinkel and Mrs. Victoria J. Tschinkel
Mrs. Christine P. Tucker and Mr. James W. Tucker
Mr. Robert M. Tully and Ms. Mary Ellen Tully
Dr. Leonard J. Tung
Mr. Frederick E. Turner and Ms. June Turner
Dr. James A. Turner and Mrs. Barbara J. Turner
Mr. M. Stephen Turner and Ms. Susan L. Turner
Dr. Nancy A. Turner
Mr. Walter Turner
Saul Ullman, M.D. and Mrs. Nancy J. Ullman
Mr. John R. Underwood, Jr. and Mrs. Dana O. Underwood
Dr. Phyllis S. Underwood and Mr. Cyrus J. Underwood
Mr. Jose N. Uranga and Mrs. Joan T. Uranga
Ms. Nadezda C. Usina and Mr. Garrett C. Usina, Jr.
Mr. Edward E. Vaill
Mr. Dean Valentine and Ms. Amy Adelson
Mr. Thomas F. Valerius and Mrs. Lynn A. Valerius
Mr. Peter Valjas
Mr. Ken van Assenderp and Mrs. Karen van Assenderp
Daniel J. Van Durme, M.D. and Ms. Patricia L. Van Durme
Dr. Robert K. Branson and Mrs. Margaret D. Van Every
Mr. Wouter Van Londen and Mrs. Jessie Van Londen
John R. Van Wingen, Ph.D. and Ms. Marcia S. Van Wingen
Reverend Mary P. Vance and Mr. James M. Vance
Mr. Stephen G. Vance and Ms. Cynthia Vance
Mr. Albert R. VanCleave, III and Ms. Michelle L. VanCleave
George L. Varnadoe, Esq. and Ms. Susan A. Varnadoe
Mr. Alphonso J. Varner and Mrs. Sally L. Varner
Mr. Ira R. Vaughn and Mrs. Virginia A. Vaughn
Mr. Daryl L. Veitch
Mr. Rene D. Veliz and Mrs. Veronica M. Veliz
Mr. Jerry Vereen and Mrs. Evelyn K. Vereen
Oscar C. Vicente, Jr., CPA and Ms. Nelcy C. Vicente
Mrs. Mary Jean Vidaurreta and Mr. Augusto L. Vidaurreta, III
Ms. Georgiana F. Vines
Mr. Frank L. Visconti
Thomas E. Vives, Ph.D.
Mr. Louis B. Vocelle, Jr. and Mrs. Donna H. Vocelle
Mr. Roland von Goeben, Jr. and Ms. Margaret von Goeben
Dr. Stephan von Molnar and Mrs. Jean F. Von Molnar
Ms. Gena C. Wade
Mr. Richard T. Walde
Mr. Davis E. Walden, III and Mrs. Virginia M. Walden
Mr. James H. Walker and Mrs. Terri Y. Fukamaki-Walker
Mr. Richard J. Wall and Mrs. Mary L. Wall
Ms. Nancy M. Wallace and Mr. Steve Wallace
Elizabeth J. Walters, J.D.
Mr. Glenn Q. Walters
Mr. Leon L. Walters, Sr. and Glenda J. Walters, Ph.D.
Mr. Clifford Walters and Mrs. Susan S. Walters
Ms. Celestine Wang
Mr. Richard L. Ward and Mrs. Claudia J. Ward
Ms. Samantha L. Ward
Mr. Stan Warmath and Mrs. Paula Warmath
Mr. Dean G. Warren and Mrs. Meryl R. Warren
Scott D. Warren, M.D. and Mrs. Karen E. Warren
Mrs. Christine B. Waters
Mr. James D. Waters and Mrs. Patricia Waters
Mr. Andrew M. Watkins and Mrs. Kristin N. Watkins
Mr. Arlie G. Watkinson, Jr. and Ms. Marya Watkinson
Mr. Ansley J. Watson, Jr. and Mrs. Elaine R. Watson
Mr. Robert A. Watt
Mr. James H. Weatherly and Mrs. Cindy K. Weatherly
Mr. Paul N. Weaver and Ms. Joy D. Weaver
Ms. Laura L. Webb
Mrs. Charlotte Weber
Dean Donald J. Weidner and Dr. Virginia R. Weidner
Mr. Richard A. Weidner, Sr. and Mrs. Julie B. Weidner
Mr. Jerry M. Weil and Ms. Anne B. Weil
Mr. Herbert Weiss and Ms. Ellen Weiss
Mr. H. Jordan Weitz and Ms. Robin W. Weitz
Mr. Edward Weitz and Ms. Linda W. Weitz
Mr. Gary E. Weld
Mrs. Margaret Weller
Ms. Betty Louretta Wells
Ms. Edith K. Wells
Dr. Janet Wells
Robert W. Wells, Jr., Esq. and The Honorable Linda A. Wells
Ms. Enddy Wen
Mr. Dean Wentworth
Mrs. Jane M. West Trust
Mrs. Helen J. West and Mr. George D. West
Mrs. Joan C. West and Richard L. West, Ph.D.
Mr. Keith E. West
Mrs. Margaret L. West
Mr. Thomas P. Wheeler and Ms. Karen L. Wheeler
Mr. Courtney R. White and Ms. Shari E. White
Mrs. Linda S. White and Mr. Sherrill W. White, III
Ms. Sandra S. White
Mr. William W. White
Mrs. Adell K. Whitfield
Mr. Stephen J. Whitley and Mrs. Jennifer G. Whitley
Joshua A. Whitman, Esq. and Mrs. Elyse Whitman
Jeffrey P. Whitton, Esq. and Ms. Renee H. Whitton
Mr. George E. Wiegand
Professor Wayne A. Wiegand and Mrs. Shirley A. Wiegand
Bruce I. Wiener, Esq. and Wendy R. Wiener, Esq.
Mr. Gary C. Wiggin
Colonel (R) Sandra D. Wiggin
Mr. John B. Wight, Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth V. Wight
Karl M. Wiklund, D.M.D. and Ms. Alane C. Wiklund
David W. Wilcox, Esq. and Ms. Susan W. Wilcox
LCDR (R) Richard L. Wilder
Mr. Gary L. Wilkins and Ms. Marcia Wilkins
Mrs. Jill A. Wilkinson and Mr. John F. Wilkinson*
Mr. Willard A. Wilkinson, IV and Mrs. Kimberly A. Wilkinson
Ms. Arleatha M. Williams
C. Gary Williams, Esq. and Ms. Wendy S. Williams
Mr. J. Vern Williams, CPA
Mrs. Mary C. Williams
Ms. Sabrina D. Williams
Mr. Thornton J. Williams and Ms. Harriet R. Williams
Dr. William N. Williams and Ms. Kandace A. Williams
Mr. Joseph R. Williamson
Mr. William H. Williamson and Ms. Constance C. Williamson
CAPT Ben Willingham, (USN), Ret.
Mr. Kenneth M. Willis and Mrs. Loretta J. Willis
Gary D. Wilson, Esq. and Mrs. Elizabeth W. Wilson
Mr. Keith C. Wilson
Mr. Kenneth R. Wilson and Mrs. Ann B. Wilson
Robert K. Wilson, Jr., M.D. and Ms. Charlie Faye Wilson
Mr. Ronald L. Wilson and Ms. Annette A. Wilson
Dr. Jack W. Winchester
Mrs. Caroline R. Windham and Dr. David P. Windham
Mrs. Jeannette P. Windham
Mr. Mark L. Wingate
Dr. Morton D. Winsberg
Ms. Doris H. Winters
Mr. William T. Wise and Mrs. Margaret Wise
Dennis P. Wittenberg, Ph.D.
Mr. Paul Wittmann and Ms. Paula Wittmann
Ms. Dawn E. Wolfenbarger
Mr. Kurtis A. Wolff and Mrs. Gay H. Wolff
LTC(R) Jimmy L. Wood and Ms. Frances M. Wood
Thomas M. Woodruff, Esq. and Mrs. Cheryl A. Woodruff
Mr. Kenneth R. Woods
Ms. Carol Ann Woodward
Mr. Daniel L. Woodward and Dr. Paja Faudree
Mr. Edward C. Woodward and Mrs. Lisa Woodward
Mrs. Elaine T. Woodward and Mr. Robert D. Woodward, III
Mr. Frederick M. Woodward and Mrs. Tracey Woodward
Pat M. Woodward, Jr., Esq. and Mrs. Lisa L. Woodward
Mr. William F. Woodward and Ms. Pamela T. Woodward
Miss Mary J. Woodworth
Ms. Bonnie D. Wright and Mr. M. Felton Wright
Mr. Edward N. Wright and Ms. June Wright
Mr. Robert Scheffel Wright
Mr. Samuel G. Wright and Ms. Maureen E. Wright
Mrs. Andrea G. Wright-Reardon and Mr. Daniel J. Reardon
Mr. Haitao Wu
Dr. Philip J. Wyatt and Ms. Carolyn Wyatt
Mr. Gerald B. Wyman and Ms. Ann V. Wyman
Mrs. Christine L. Wynn and Mr. Bradley S. Wynn
Mrs. Mary E. Yale and Mr. James A. Yale
Mr. William A. Yandow*
Mr. James E. Yarbrough
Ms. Patricia A. Yatauro and Mr. Steven A. Yatauro
Mr. Victor J. Yates
Mr. W. Glen Yates and Ms. Susan Yates
Dr. Jon R. Yenari and Dr. Karen M. Hamad
Mr. William A. Yockey and Mrs. Kathleen L. Yockey
Mrs. Arlene Yohman and Mr. Michael Yohman
Mr. David A. Yon and Ms. Mary Jean Yon
Ms. Jean C. Yothers
Mr. Richard M. Young, Sr. and Mrs. Monica J. Young
Mr. Mark T. Zeigler
Dr. Allen R. Zeman and Ms. Andrea C. Zeman
Dr. Joan W. Ziel
Mr. David R. Zimmerman and Mrs. Linda M. Zimmerman
Dean Julia A. Zimmerman and Mr. Thomas Schmick
Mr. Daniel J. Zoll
Dr. Calvin E. Zongker and Ms. Rose A. Zongker
Dale T. Zorn, M.D.
Ms. Michelle A. Zubizarreta
Mr. Joe Zubizarreta
Mr. Lenny Zwik