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Faculty and staff wishing to use funds from their Foundation accounts for all expenditures EXCEPT scholarships must submit an authorized disbursement request with appropriate documentation attached. Scholarships should be issued using the Scholarship Disbursement Request. Consult the FSU Foundation Social Security number collection statement for instances when the vendor is an individual. Requests to transfer cash from one Foundation fund to another for any purpose other than to establish or increase an endowment should be done using the request to transfer funds form. Please refer to the Foundation's disbursement policy regarding restrictions. To receive your payment by direct deposit instead of a paper check, please complete the direct deposit authorization form. Completed forms should be sent to Foundation accounting at mail code 2739.

Gifts and Other Deposits
Monies received by the University for deposit into a Foundation fund are either gift or non-gift related. Supporting documentation must accompany all deposits.

A gift transmittal form (gift transmittal for cash or gift transmittal for checks or gift transmittal for credit cards) must accompany gift deposits made by cash, check, or credit card. We welcome many gifts in-kind (non-monetary items of tangible personal property such as art, collectibles, books, equipment, vehicles and other personal assets or materials). These gifts should be submitted with a gift in-kind acceptance form and documentation.

Non-gift deposits include, but are not limited to, repayment of loans and advances, refunds and other reimbursements. These deposits—made by cash, check, or credit card—are submitted on a non-gift transmittal form (non-gift transmittal for cash or non-gift transmittal for checks or non-gift transmittal for credit cards). The guidelines for non-gift items provide instructions to campus units to assure compliance with IRS regulations and FSU Foundation policies.

If a College or unit receives a restricted gift with no specific use or purpose designated by the donor (.i.e., for scholarships, for professorships), the College or unit must designate a purpose if the gift is $25,000 or more by using the designation of restricted gift form. For gifts of this type that are less than $25,000, each College or unit designates a fund to receive these gifts automatically using the designation of restricted gifts less than $25,000 form.

Advances and Student Loans  
The Foundation provides salary, travel and other monetary advances. Salary advances are provided to employees who are not paid through OMNI. To receive a salary advance, the department must submit a disbursement request, and salary advance promissory note, along with the employee’s appointment papers and an FSU Foundation payroll salary advance deduction authorization form. Travel and other advances are permitted for business purposes for which payment is required prior to incurring an expense (i.e., airline tickets and caterer deposits).   

At the discretion of each University unit, FSU students are eligible to receive student loans using Foundation funds. The loans will be issued in accordance with the FSU Foundation Student Loan Policies & Procedures. To receive a student loan, the University unit must submit an FSU Foundation Student Loan Application signed by the student and the appropriate vice president, dean or other responsible party on the fund. Once the Foundation has approved the loan to be disbursed to the student, a check will be issued to the student by Student Financial Services. The student will have a maximum of 30 days to repay the student loan.     

Fund Management  
Approval by the Responsible Party is required for all requested changes on a fund. To request the creation of a new fund, complete a New Fund Form and be sure to provide gift agreements or other documentation, to support the opening of the fund. Changes to the department, name, purpose, or existing signers of a fund require the completion of a Fund Change Form. To add, replace or remove a signer from one or more funds, complete an Authorized Signer Request. Only one authorized signer request may be submitted per person; however, a fund change form may be used to update more than one signer for multiple funds as long as an Authorized Signer Request is on file for each signer at the Foundation. For changes in the College/Unit or Responsible Party, complete a Fund Administration Update form. To request a fund be closed, complete a Request to Close Fund form. All completed forms should be sent to Foundation accounting at mail code 2739.

Online reports detailing fund transactions and cash balances are updated nightly and are available at https://reports.foundation.fsu.edu. To authorize access to view these reports, complete a request for web access to Financial Reports form and submit it to the Foundation. All requests for access must be approved by the responsible party for the fund and completed forms should be forwarded to Foundation accounting at mail code 2739. An e-mail with instructions for web access will be sent after the request for access has been received.

The definition of a quasi-endowment (also known as funds functioning as an endowment) is, "Funds which the governing board of an institution, rather than the donor, has determined are to be retained and invested." The Foundation Board of Trustees has delegated authority for approving new quasi-endowments jointly to the Provost, or his/her designee, and the Chief Financial Officer of the Foundation or his/her designee.

To change a previous decision made regarding the spending distribution of an endowed fund, you must submit a formal request using the change spending distribution request form. Completed forms should be sent to Foundation accounting at mail code 2739.

Special Events Policy
Faculty and staff wishing to request special event assistance from the Foundation’s event staff must review the special events policy and submit the special events request form. Before submitting a request, please be sure the event is in line with the mission of the Foundation to cultivate, steward and/or recognize donors and/or prospects who support or are interested in supporting the university’s academic vision and priorities.

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