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Football Season Parking Information

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Lots designated per Booster membership level

Renegade ($300) - Civic Center, shuttle passes for the Spirit Express*
Warrior ($600) -   WAR Lots: 12, 13, 17, 19, 25, 26
Tomahawk ($1200) - TOM Lots: 7, 9, 10, 11, 14
Silver Chief ($3000) - SC Lots: 5,  8, 15
Golden Chiefs($6000 +) - GC Lots: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


*Renegade Boosters get 2 tickets to ride the Spirit Express for each home game. Located at the Civic Center and surrounding state garages. Additional tickets may be purchased at the Civic Center.

The Spirit Express begins running 2 hours prior to kickoff, and one hour after completion of the game. Loading is on the east side of the Civic Center (Martin Luther King Blvd.) The Spirit Express will drop off directly in front of the Langford Green, where we have planned many pre-game activities

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please show your shuttle passes to gate guards when entering the lot.  Renegade Boosters who have their shuttle passes do not pay for parking.

General Parking Information:

•    parking lot permits are for the entire season.  A map with travel directions and the location of the lot is on the back of the permit.

•    Cooking devices and tents must not interfere with neighbors, adjacent parking, or thoroughfare.  The lot will be monitored by parking personnel.  We reserve the right to revoke and terminate parking privileges for any misconduct towards fellow boosters or parking personnel, misuse of the permit, or abuse during tailgating.  

•    Permits must hang from your rearview mirror as you approach the stadium and MUST BE displayed the ENTIRE time you are in your designated lot.  If the permit is not displayed during the entire time the vehicle may be towed (i.e. tailgating & game time).

•    Parking lot gates open FIVE hours prior to game time.

•    Lost permits, stolen permits, permits left at home, in a different car, or permits accidentally thrown away cannot be replaced.

Scramble Lots: You have a permit to get into a specific lot and you park in any space within that lot, first come first serve.

Assigned Lots:  You’re given a permit for a specific lot and an assigned space number that only that permit holder can use.

•    Parking Requests can be submitted via email or phone to Donor Records staff.  Parking requests are just a request, it is not a guaranteed that you will get what you request.  It is based on availability for the particular lot being requested.

Parking assignments are done as follows:
•    Donors who renew at the same level are assigned to the same lot they had for the previous year.   New member assignments (anyone who is changing membership levels) are done based on where there is space available for all the lots for that particular level.  


Basketball Parking Information

Basketball Parking Info


Parking Contacts:

Parking, Motorhome / Basketball Parking
Maria Fuller

Game Day Parking Director*
James Bird
*On game day if you have a problem please speak with the lot attendant, if it can't be resolved the attendant will contact James Bird.

Disabled Parking Contact:
Amber Wagner
Office of Diversity &
Equal Opportunity
University Center Building A,
Suite 6200
Tallahassee, Florida 32306-2410 
Ph: 850-645-6519
Fx: 850-645-9504


Basketball Parking





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