Florida State University Alumni Association

Awards and Recognition Programs

In 2012 the FSU Alumni Association expanded its alumni recognition programs with the creation an annual program to recognize young alumni:

  • Thirty Under 30
    Thirty Florida State alumni, all of whom are 30 years old or younger, are selected by fellow FSU graduates for their contributions to their professions, communities or FSU.

  • The Reubin O'D. Askew Young Alumni Award
    This award is named for former Florida Governor Reubin O'D. Askew, who was named the Most Oustanding Alumnus of the 20th century. Up to six honorees may be chosen from the Thirty Under 30 to receive the award, which is the highest honor bestowed upon young alumni by the FSU Alumni Association.

Grads Made Good
More than 100 graduates of Florida State University have been recognized as Grads Made Good, a homecoming awards program honoring alumni who have made a significant difference through outstanding success in their chosen fields. The Florida State University Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK), which originated the program in 1974, joins forces with the FSU Alumni Association to co-present Grads Made Good.

Emeritus Alumni Society Awards
The Emeritus Alumni Society presents three prestigious awards each year at the Emeritus Awards Brunch, which is held on the Saturday of the annual Emeritus Alumni Society reunion weekend.

  • Commitment to Excellence Award
    Created in 1991, the Commitment to Excellence Award recognizes member(s) of the Florida State Emeritus Alumni Society who have long-standing records of devotion to the university and personal achievements that reflect honor on the university, including a record of long-standing devotion to the University and its welfare.

  • Conradi Lifetime Achievement Award
    Created in 1998, this award honors a deceased member of the Florida State Emeritus Alumni Society who had a lifelong record of faithful service to the university and personal achievement(s) that are a tribute to Florida State.

  • Dean Eyman Distinctive Service Award
    Created in 2001, this award recognizes non-alumni faculty or personnel (living or deceased) not previously recognized by the university for:
    - Providing guidance, concern, incentive, and direction for students;
    - Maintaining a special relationship and commitment to students' concerns; and
    - Contributing to the development of the university.

Circle of Gold

The Circle of Gold recognizes worthy individuals who, through their service and achievements, personify the university's tradition of excellence. A maximum of 12 awards are presented each year.

The Bernard F. Sliger Award
Named for the 11th president of the Florida State University, the Bernard F. Sliger Award is the single highest honor given by the FSU Alumni Association. This award recognizes a member of the university community who has made a major contribution toward the fulfillment of the mission of the Florida State University. Winners of the Bernard F. Sliger Award are automatically accorded membership into the Circle of Gold and are noted in bold text below.

Lawrence G. Abele
Michele Adair
Robert L. Akers
Ruth Ruggles Akers
Mickey Andrews
James Apthorp
Donna Lou Askew
Reubin O'D. Askew  (d)
Kathy Atkins-Gunter
Scott F. Atwell
Dubose Ausley
Lucy M. Baer
Chip Baker
Robert L. Bannerman (d)
Charles Barnes
Eric Barron
Cheryl S. Beckert
Allan Bense
Margo Bindhardt (d)
Bruce Blackwell
Gordon Blackwell (d)
Bobby Bowden
F. Allen Boyd
Dennis O. Boyle (d)
Sue Chaires Boynton
Rod Brim (d)
Richard Brinson (d)
Derrick D. Brooks
Joseph L. Camps, Jr.
John Carnaghi (d)
Robert T. Carnes
Milton S. Carothers (d)
Max Carraway
Ken Cashin
John Champion (d)
Bridget Chandler
Jim Clark
Billy Close
David Coburn
Mary Coburn
Lee Corso
Raymond Cottrell
Stella Cottrell
Marie Cowart
John Dailey
Talbot D'Alemberte
Hugo de Beaubien
Gene Deckerhoff
Ron Diamond
Carl Domino
Kyle Doney
Warrick D. Dunn
Allen Durham
Hugh Durham
William M. Durham, Jr.
Donald L. Eddings
Mark Edenfield
Steve Edwards
Charles W. Ehrhardt
Diane Ervin
N. Frank Fain
Richard Fallon
Ray Fielding
Mary Celia Diamond Findley
Daisy Parker Flory (d)
Robert O. Fohl (d)
David B. Ford
Paula Fortunas
Grace I. Fox (d)
Davis Gaines
Gordon Gaster
Donald Gifford (d)
Jim Gladden
Thomas O. Goldsworthy
JoAnne Graf
W. Andy Haggard

Charles D. Hall (d)
Sue D. Hall
Anne Hamilton
Tom C. Haney
Betty Lewis Harrison
Doug Henderson
Sherman Henderson
Linda A. Henning
Charles K. Hill
Jeffrey L. Hill
Louis Hill (d)
Mart Pierson Hill
Mark Hillis
Nan C. Hillis
Cliff Hinkle
Lee F. Hinkle
Lucy Ho
Ronald H. Hobbs
Katherine Blood Hoffman
John Wayne Hogan
Pat Hogan
Robert Holton
Jim Horne
Wiley L. Housewright (d)
Mary Parker Hutchinson (d)
Cassandra Jenkins
Connie E. Jenkins-Pye
Betty Lou Whittle Joanos
James E. Joanos
Bo Johnson
Garrett Johnson
Sen. Robert M. Johnson
Terry A. Johnson
Sandy Johnson
J. Lester Kaney
Sally Karioth
Lynda Keever
Jim E. King, Jr. (d)
Jim E. Kirk, Jr.
Maury Kolchakian
Jeff Kottkamp
Christopher L. Kraft
George Langford
Lawton Langford
Ryals Lee, Jr.
Dale W. Lick
E. G. "Lites" Lightsey
David Lyons
Charlotte Maguire
Michael C. Mallardi
Douglas Mannheimer
John Marks
J. Stanley Marshall (d)
Mike Martin
Melquiades Martinez
Sarah Lewis Marxsen
Walter Massey
Susan McHenry
Donna McHugh
John McKay
Jane Meigs
James H. Melton
Andy Miller
James L. Miller
David D. Mobley, Jr.
Devoe Moore
Guy Moore
Shirley Moore
W. Russell Morcom
Laurel Moredock
Mabel Jean Morrison (d)
Frank Murphy
Mary Lou Norwood (d)
Joe Nosari
Joe O'Shea
Joel Padgett
Barbara J. Palmer

Mary Pankowski
Les Pantin, Jr.

William M. Parker
Mike Pate
Durrell Peaden, Jr.
Thomas F. Petway, III
L. Gregg Phifer (d)
Sean Pittman
James E. Pitts
Ricky Polston
Melvin L. Pope, Jr.
Mina Jo Powell (d)
Bill Proctor
Sherry Quarello
Sandra Rackley
Sherrill Ragans
Jay Rayburn
Steve Reilly
Burt Reynolds
Ron Richmond
James A. Risignio
John Roberge
Avery Roberts
Myron Rolle
Wilma Rosenbloom
Wayne Rubinas
Leo Sandon
Winston Scott
Bernard F. Sliger (d)
Ray Solomon
Billy Smith (d)
C. David Smith
James C. Smith
Patricia J. Smith
Paula P. Smith
Godfrey Smith (d)
Ron Smith
William G. Smith, Jr.
Guy Spearman
Beverly B. Spencer
Gordon Sprague
Gus A. Stavros
Gene Stearns
Betty Steffens
Mary Ann Stiles
Don Stone
Janet Stoner
June F. Strauss (d)
Larry O. Strom
Alan C. Sundberg (d)
William A. Tanner
Hans W. Tews
Norman Thagard
John Thrasher
Rosa Lee Tomberlin
Cynthia S. Tunnicliff
Nancy Turner
Pearl Tyner (d)
Kenza vanAssenderp
Don Veller (d)
Kathleen A. Villacorta
Thomas A. Waits
Gene Walden
Gary Walsingham
Charlie Ward
Thomas A. Warren
Dave Westberry
T. K. Wetherell
Dorothy Whittle
Thomas L. Williams, III (d)
Gary Wilson
Stephen S. Winters (d)
Thomas M. Woodruff
Thomas G. Wright (d)
Mark Zeigler

(d) denotes that a member is deceased

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