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Seminole Clubs® and Chapters: submit an online request to update your website, email, Facebook or Twitter address


All Seminole Clubs® and Chapters are officially sanctioned by the FSU Alumni Association. Any Seminole Club® or Chapter not listed on this web page is not officially recognized by Florida State University.

Seminole Clubs® are established in areas with an alumni population of at least 250. Areas with less than 250 alumni may form a Seminole Chapter®. Seminole Chapters function in the same manner as a Seminole Club®, but on a smaller scale.

For more information, contact the FSU Alumni Association at 850.644.2761 or fsualum@alumni.fsu.edu.

Alabama Birmingham Birmingham Seminole Club® Birmingham Seminole Club Facebook Birmingham Seminole Club Twitter Birmingham Seminole Club Email Birmingham Seminole Club Website
Huntsville Tennessee Valley Seminole Chapter Tennessee Valley Seminole Chapter Email
  Mobile South Alabama Seminole Chapter South Alabama Seminole Chapter Facebook South Alabama Seminole Chapter Twitter South Alabama Seminole Chapter Email
Alaska Anchorage Alaska Seminole Chapter alaska Seminole Chapter Email
Arizona Phoenix Phoenix Seminole Chapter South Alabama Seminole Chapter Facebook Los Angeles Seminole Club Twitter Phoenix Seminole Chapter Email  
Arkansas Springdale Northwest Arkansas Seminole Chapter Northwest Arkansas Seminole Chapter Email
California Los Angeles Los Angeles Seminole Club® Los Angeles Seminole Club Facebook Los Angeles Seminole Club Twitter Los Angeles Seminole Club Email Los Angeles Seminole Club Website
  San Diego San Diego Seminole Club® San Diego Seminole Club Facebook San Diego Seminole Club Email San Diego Seminole Club Website
San Francisco San Francisco Seminole Club® San Francisco Seminole Club Facebook San Francisco Seminole Club Email San Francisco Seminole Club Website
Colorado Denver Seminole Club® of the Rockies Seminole Club of the Rockies Facebook Seminole Club of the Rockies Email
Florida Brevard County Brevard Seminole Club® Brevard Seminole Club Facebook Brevard Seminole Club Twitter Brevard Seminole Club Email
Broward County Seminole Club® of Broward County Seminole Club of Broward County Facebook Seminole Club of Broward County Twitter Seminole Club of Broward County Email Seminole Club of Broward County Website
Clay County Seminole Club® of Clay County/Orange Park Seminole club of Clay County/Orange Park Facebook Seminole club of Clay County/Orange Park Email Seminole club of Clay County/Orange Park Website
Fort Myers Southwest Florida Seminole Club® Southwest Florida Seminole Club Facebook Southwest Florida Seminole Club Email Southwest Florida Seminole Club Website
Gainesville Gainesville Seminole Club® Gainesville Seminole Club Facebook Gainesville Seminole Club Twitter Gainesville Seminole Club Email Gainesville Seminole Club Website
Highlands County Highlands Seminole Club® Highlands Seminole Club Facebook Highlands Seminole Club Email Highlands Seminole Club Website
Jacksonville Jacksonville Seminole Club® Jacksonville Seminole Club Facebook Jacksonville Seminole Club Twitter Jacksonville Seminole Club Email Jacksonville Seminole Club Website
Key West Southernmost Seminole Club® of Key West Southernmost Seminole Club of Key West Email
Lake City Lake City Seminole Club® Lake City Seminole Club Facebook Lake City Seminole Club Email
Lake & Sumter Counties Lake-Sumter Seminole Chapter Lake-Sumter Seminole Chapter Facebook Lake-Sumter Seminole Chapter Email
Madison County Madison Seminole Club® Madison Seminole Club Email
Manatee County Manatee Seminole Club® Manatee Seminole Club Email Manatee Seminole Club Website
Marianna Panhandle Seminole Club® Panhandle Seminole Club Facebook Panhandle Seminole Club Email Panhandle Seminole Club Website
Marion County Marion County Seminole Club® Marion County Seminole Club Facebook Marion County Seminole Club Email Marion County Seminole Club Website
Martin County Martin County Seminole Club® Martin County Seminole Club Facebook Martin County Seminole Club Email Martin County Seminole Club Website
Miami Miami Seminole Club® Miami Seminole Club Facebook Miami Seminole Club Twitter Miami Seminole Club Email Miami Seminole Club Website
Naples Seminole Club® of Naples Seminole Club of Naples Facebook Seminole Club of Naples Twitter Seminole Club of Naples Email Seminole Club of Naples Website
Orlando Seminole Club® of Greater Orlando Seminole Club of Greater Orlando Facebook Seminole Club of Greater Orlando Twitter Seminole Club of Greater Orlando Email Seminole Club of Greater Orlando Website
Palm Beach County Palm Beach County Seminole Club® Palm Beach County Seminole Club Facebook Palm Beach County Seminole Club Twitter Palm Beach County Seminole Club Email Palm Beach County Seminole Club Website
Panama City Panama City Seminole Club® Panama City Seminole Club Facebook Panama City Seminole Club Twitter Panama City Seminole Club Email Panama City Seminole Club Website
Pensacola Pensacola Seminole Club® Pensacola Seminole Club Email Pensacola Seminole Club Website
Pinellas County Pinellas Seminole Club® Pinellas Seminole Club Facebook Pinellas Seminole Club Twitter Pinellas Seminole Club Email Pinellas Seminole Club Website
Polk County Polk County Seminole Club® Polk County Seminole Club Facebook Polk County Seminole Club Email Polk County Seminole Club Website
Sarasota Sarasota Seminole Club® Sarasota Seminole Club Facebook Sarasota Seminole Club Email Sarasota Seminole Club Website
Tallahassee Tallahassee Seminole Club® Tallahassee Seminole Club Facebook Tallahassee Seminole Club Email Tallahassee Seminole Club Website
Tampa Tampa Bay Seminole Club® Tampa Bay Seminole Club Facebook Tampa Bay Seminole Club Twitter Tampa Bay Seminole Club Email Tampa Bay Seminole Club Website
The Villages The Villages The Villages Email
Volusia & Flagler Counties Seminole Club® of Volusia/Flagler Counties Seminole Club of Volusia/Flagler Counties Facebook Seminole Club of Volusia/Flagler Counties Twitter Seminole Club of Volusia/Flagler Counties Email Seminole Club of Volusia/Flagler Counties Website
Georgia Atlanta Atlanta Seminole Club® Atlanta Seminole Club Facebook Atlanta Seminole Club Twitter Atlanta Seminole Club Email Atlanta Seminole Club Website
Macon/Warner Robins Middle Georgia Seminole Chapter® Middle Georgia Seminole Chapter Facebook Middle Georgia Seminole Chapter Email
Valdosta Valdosta Seminole Chapter® Valdosta Seminole Chapter Facebook Valdosta Seminole Chapter Twitter Valdosta Seminole Chapter Email
Hawaii Honolulu  Honolulu Seminole Chapter Honolulu Seminole Chapter Honolulu Seminole Chapter Email  
Illinois Chicago The Windy City Seminole Club® The Windy City Seminole Club Facebook The Windy City Seminole Club Email The Windy City Seminole Club Website
Indiana Indianapolis Circle City Seminole Club® Circle City Seminole Club Email
Kentucky Lexington Lexington Seminole Chapter Lexington Seminole Chapter Facebook Lexington Seminole Chapter Twitter Lexington Seminole Chapter Email
Louisville Kentucky Seminole Club® Kentucky Seminole Club Facebook Lexington Seminole Chapter Twitter Kentucky Seminole Club Email Kentucky Seminole Club Website
Louisiana New Orleans Greater New Orleans Seminole Club® Greater New Orleans Seminole Club Facebook Greater New Orleans Seminole Club Twitter Greater New Orleans Seminole Club Email Greater New Orleans Seminole Club Website
Maryland Baltimore Seminole Club® of Baltimore Seminole Club of Baltimore Facebook Seminole Club of Baltimore Twitter Seminole Club of Baltimore Email Seminole Club of Baltimore Website
Massachusetts Boston Boston Seminole Club® Boston Seminole Club Facebook Boston Seminole Club Twitter Boston Seminole Club Email
Michigan Detroit Southeastern Michigan Seminole Chapter Southeastern Michigan Seminole Chapter Facebook Southeastern Michigan Seminole Chapter Email Southeastern Michigan Seminole Chapter Website
Minnesota Minneapolis Twin Cities Seminole Chapter Twin Cities Seminole Chapter Facebook Twin Cities Seminole Chapter Twitter Twin Cities Seminole Chapter Email
Missouri Kansas City Kansas City Seminole Club®
St. Louis St. Louis Seminole Chapter St. Louis Seminole Chapter Facebook St. Louis Seminole Chapter Email
Nebraska Omaha Omaha Seminole Chapter Omaha Seminole Chapter Facebook Omaha Seminole Chapter Email
Nevada Las Vegas Las Vegas Seminole Club® Las Vegas Seminole Club Facebook Las Vegas Seminole Club Email
New York New York City Seminole Club® of New York City Seminole Club of New York City Facebook Seminole Club of New York City Twitter Seminole Club of New York City Email Seminole Club of New York City Website
Syracuse Seminole Club® of Syracuse Seminole Club of Syracuse Facebook Seminole Club of Syracuse Email
North Carolina Charlotte Charlotte Seminole Club® Charlotte Seminole Club Facebook Charlotte Seminole Club Email Charlotte Seminole Club Website
Greensboro Triad Seminole Chapter Triad Seminole Club Facebook Triad Seminole Club Email Triad Seminole Club Website
Raleigh Triangle Seminole Club® Triangle Seminole Club Facebook Triangle Seminole Club Twitter Triangle Seminole Club Email Triangle Seminole Club Website
Ohio Cincinnati Cincinnati Seminole Chapter Cincinnati Seminole Chapter Facebook Cincinnati Seminole Chapter Email
  Cleveland Cleveland Seminole Club® Cleveland Seminole Club Facebook Cleveland Seminole Club Twitter Cleveland Seminole Club Email
  Dayton Southwest Ohio Seminole Club® Cleveland Seminole Club Facebook Southwest Ohio Seminole Club Email
Oregon Portland Portland Seminole Chapter Portland Seminole Chapter Email
Pennsylvania Philadelphia Seminole Club® of Philadelphia Seminole Club of Philadelphia Facebook Seminole Club of Philadelphia Email Seminole Club of Philadelphia Website
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Seminole Chapter Pittsburgh Seminole Chapter Facebook Pittsburgh Seminole Chapter Email
South Carolina Charleston Charleston Seminole Chapter Charleston Seminole Chapter Facebook Charleston Seminole Chapter Email
Columbia Midlands Seminole Club® Midlands Seminole Club Facebook Midlands Seminole Club Email Midlands Seminole Club Website
Greenville South Carolina Seminole Club®-Upstate South Carolina Seminole Club-Upstate Facebook South Carolina Seminole Club-Upstate Twitter South Carolina Seminole Club-Upstate Email South Carolina Seminole Club-Upstate Website
Tennessee Chattanooga Chattanooga Seminole Club® Chattanooga Seminole Club Facebook Chattanooga Seminole Club Email
Knoxville Knoxville Seminole Chapter Knoxville Seminole Chapter Facebook Knoxville Seminole Chapter Email Knoxville Seminole Chapter Website
Nashville Middle Tennessee Seminole Club® Middle Tennessee Seminole Club Facebook Middle Tennessee Seminole Club Twitter Middle Tennessee Seminole Club Email Middle Tennessee Seminole Club Website
Texas Austin Austin Seminole Club® Austin Seminole Club Facebook Austin Seminole Club Email Austin Seminole Club Website
Dallas-Ft. Worth (Metroplex) Seminole Club® of North Texas Seminole Club of North Texas Facebook Seminole Club of North Texas Twitter Seminole Club of North Texas Email Seminole Club of North Texas Website
Houston Houston Seminole Club® Houston Seminole Club Facebook Houston Seminole Club Email Houston Seminole Club Website
San Antonio Alamo Seminole Chapter Alamo Seminole Chapter Facebook Alamo Seminole Chapter Twitter Alamo Seminole Chapter Email
Utah Stansbury Park Utah Seminole Chapter Utah Seminole Chapter Email
Virginia Charlottesville Charlottesville Seminole Chapter Charlottesville Seminole Chapter Facebook Charlottesville Seminole Chapter Email
Richmond Richmond Seminole Club® Richmond Seminole Club Facebook Richmond Seminole Club Twitter Richmond Seminole Club Email
Williamsburg Williamsburg Seminole Chapter Williamsburg Seminole Chapter Facebook Williamsburg Seminole Chapter Email
Washington Seattle Seattle Seminole Chapter Seattle Seminole Chapter Facebook Seattle Seminole Chapter Email Seattle Seminole Chapter Website
Washington, DC Washington, D.C. Seminole Club® of Greater Washington, D.C. Seminole Club of Greater Washington, D.C. Facebook Seminole Club of Greater Washington, D.C. Twitter Seminole Club of Greater Washington, D.C. Email Seminole Club of Greater Washington, D.C. Website
International Japan Japan Seminole Club® Japan Seminole Club Website
  Norway Seminole Club® of Norway Seminole Club of Norway Website
  Panama Seminole Club® of Panama Seminole Club of Panama Facebook Seminole Club of Panama Twitter Seminole Club of Panama Email Seminole Club of Panama Website
Alumni Groups   Dedman School of Hospitality Dedman School of Hospitality Website
    Circus Alumni Circus Alumni Website
    FSU Band Alumni Association FSU Band Alumni Association Website
    FSU Black Alumni Association FSU Black Alumni Association Website
    FSU Emeritus Alumni Society FSU Emeritus Alumni Society Website
    Hospitality Administration Hospitality Administration Website
    Hotel and Restaurant Management Hotel and Restaurant Management Website
    School of Theatre School of Theatre Website
    Society of Hosts Society of Hosts Website


Seminole Clubs® and Chapters: submit an online request to update your website, email, Facebook or Twitter address

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