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Ticket Priority Policy

What is the Ticket Priority Policy?
Florida State University’s Ticket Priority Policy was first written in 1979 when demand for season-tickets exceeded the stadium capacity. While the policy has been updated twice since then, the spirit of the policy—to fairly allocate seats among loyal supporters—remains unchanged.

While the ticket policies of many universities define “loyalty” strictly in monetary terms—and assign seats based on dollars given—Florida State’s policy assigns points for longevity for ticket holders and donors, as well as for support of other campus organizations.

Ticket Sales Fund Scholarships
In addition to establishing a system for the allocation of priority seating, Florida State’s Ticket Priority Policy strengthens fundraising efforts, which are vital to providing its athletic teams with the resources needed to achieve excellence. Your tax-deductible contribution to Seminole Boosters is essential to the athletic budget, as it funds scholarships, and provides academic support and medical services to over 500 men and women.

Due largely to increases in the cost of tuition in the state of Florida, the annual cost of scholarships has risen from just under $1 million in 1979—when the policy was first implemented—to $7 million in 2006, which necessitated the most recent adjustments. Although Seminole Boosters seeks alternative means to control the cost of scholarships—including the purchase of prepaid college tuition and the development of endowments—your annual donation remains the primary source of funding for scholarships.

Florida State’s Ticket Priority Policy encourages its supporters—who take such great pride and enjoyment from the student-athletes’ performance—to share in the cost of their education. We hope that each of our loyal supporters will take equal pride knowing that their tax-deductible gift to Seminole Boosters, Inc., funds life-changing scholarship opportunities.

Who is Affected by the Policy?
The policy sets requirements and offers guarantees for season-tickets, away-game tickets and bowl games. Ticket holders who meet the minimum requirements are guaranteed the right to renew the same seats or upgrade to better seats, if available. When ticket holders do not meet the minimum requirements defined by the policy, seat location cannot be guaranteed, and is then determined by availability of seats.

Points Determine Priority
Points are used to determine priority when renewing or relocating seats or for determining seating location for away games and bowl games.


Ticket Priority Can Be Calculated
a. Preceding year season-ticket purchaser–2 points;
b. Continuous years as a season-ticket buyer–1 point for each consecutive prior year up to a maximum of 10 years;
c. Current year gift to Seminole Boosters according to scale:


Donation Points Donation Points
$50-109 2 $2,200-2,499 14
$110-249 4 $2,500-2,999 15
$250-374 5 $3,000-3,499 16
$375-499 6 $3,500-3,999 17
$500-674 7 $4,000-4,499 18
$675-849 8 $4,500-4,999 19
$850-999 9 $5,000-9,999 20
$1,000-1,299 10 $10,000-19,999 25
$1,300-1,599 11 $20,999-29,999 30
$1,600-1,899 12 Each $10,000 Over $29,999 +5
$1,900-2,199 13

d. Continuous years as a contributor–1 point for each consecutive prior year of giving up to 5 yrs;
e. Total Booster contribution for previous 5 years (using same scale as current year gift);
f.  Faculty, staff or Varsity letterman–2 points each;
g. FSU Alumni Association–2 points;
h. President’s Club Member (minimum $10,000)–4 points.

How Many Priority Season Tickets May a Donor Purchase?
Since the demand for seats in the priority areas of the stadium far exceed the supply, new allowances have been established to give more ticket holders a chance to purchase seats in those areas. The new limits for the Priority I and Priority II areas of the stadium are determined by the following donation scale:


Donor Levels Donation Maximum in Priority I + II Maximum in Priority I
Platinum Golden Chief $12,000 24 16
Golden Chief $6,000 16 10
Silver Chief $3,000 10 6
Tomahawk $1,200 6 4
Warrior $600 4 2
Renegade $300 2 0
Brave* $135 0 0

*While the Brave Club donors are not guaranteed the right to renew seats in Priority I or Priority II, they are guaranteed the right to renew two seats somewhere within the stadium.

Grandfather Provision
Although the new policy limits the number of priority seats a new ticket purchaser may buy, or an existing purchaser can add, the policy does offer options to those who already exceed the new allowances.(Those ticket holders will have the following options: increase their donation to the appropriate donation level; make an incremental contribution for any seats over the allowance (see chart); move seats over the limit to a lower priority level; or give seats up).

Example: An existing Tomahawk ($1200) with 6 Priority I seats and 4 Priority II seats is two seats over the new limit in Priority I. The Tomahawk must decide if he or she needs all six seats in Priority I. He/She could maintain his/her existing donation, and meet the requirements of the policy by moving two Priority I seats to Priority II, or give up two Priority I seats, so a loyal supporter with no Priority seats can purchase those two. If he/she wishes to keep all six Priority I seats, he/she may either move up to the appropriate donor level (Silver Chief $3000) or make an incremental donation for the two seats over the Priority I allowance. The incremental donation per seat is based on the following location tables:


Per seat requirement for any Priority I seats over allowance
East Side Rows 1-10 $200 West Side Rows 1-10 $300
East Side Rows 11-60 $300 West Side Rows 11-60 $500
East Side Rows 61-84 $200 West Side Rows 61-84 $300

If the Tomahawk’s six seats are in Priority I on the West Side between Rows 11-60, he/she could make the Tomahawk donation ($1200), plus make the incremental donation of $500 per seat, for a total contribution of $2,200. Or, he/she could become a Silver Chief ($3000), keep the seats together and gain the additional benefits of that level of membership.


Per seat requirement for any Priority II seats over allowance
East Side Rows 1-10 $100 West Side Rows 1-10 $100
East Side Rows 11-60 $200 West Side Rows 11-60 $200
East Side Rows 61-84 $100 West Side Rows 61-84 $100

Example: If an existing Tomahawk has four seats in Priority I and four seats in Priority II on the West side between rows 11-60, he/she would be within his/her allowance in Priority I but two over the allowance in Priority II. The ticket holder can exercise his/her option to increase his/her club donation level to Silver Chief ($3000) and receive associated benefits; make the incremental contribution per seat ($200) for the two seats over the limit for a total contribution of $1600; maintain the same donation level ($1200) and move two seats to Priority III, or give up two seats.


"Florida State's Ticket Priority Policy encourages its supporters—who take such pride and enjoyment in the student-athletes' performance—to share in the cost of their education. Our loyal supporters should take pride in knowing that their tax-deductible gift funds life-changing opportunities."


Doak Campbell Seating Diagram

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