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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions to the Florida State University Alumni Association. If you don't find the answer you need below, please call us at 850.644.2761 or e-mail us at FSUalum@alumni.fsu.edu.


  • Why should I become a member of the Florida State University Alumni Association?
    • Florida State University alumni and friends choose to join the Alumni Association to show their support in connecting alumni and friends to each other and the University. Becoming a member of the Association is the best and most direct avenue to stay connected with the Florida State University community. As a member, you also receive many benefits including: financial services, further education services, travel services and many more benefits. Check out our benefits page to learn more
  • Is my membership to the Alumni Association Tax-Deductible?
    • The Florida State University Alumni Association is a tax exempt organization under Sec. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts to the Alumni Association are generally tax deductible. Membership dues may be tax deductible in whole or in part based on your individual circumstance. Please consult your tax advisor.
  • What is oneFSU?
    • OneFSU is an online community for all members of The Florida State University family. It requires a login so that you can get specific information pertaining to your memberships with the Alumni Association, the Seminole Boosters, the Foundation and the Ringling Museum of Art. It is a place where you can find old classmates and professors and update your contact information. The official launch of oneFSU will be Spring 2010.
  • Forgotten your User ID or Password for oneFSU Community?
    • E-mail and ask for your password and User ID to be e-mailed to you. Be sure to include the e-mail address you registered with. If you cannot remember the e-mail address you registered with, please e-mail for further assistance.
  • How do I become a member of the Florida State University Alumni Association?
  • Who is eligible to join the Florida State University Alumni Association?
    • All Florida State alumni as well as friends of the University are eligible to be members of the Florida State University Alumni Association.
  • What types of memberships do you offer?
  • How do I order a new or replacement diploma?
    • To order a new or replacement diploma (size 11x14), you will need to send a written request with your signature and the following information:
      • Your name the way you would like it printed on the diploma (If your name has changed and you would like the new name printed on the diploma, we will need proof of the name change in the form of a copy of your driver's license, marriage license, etc.)
      • The last four digits of your social security number. The semester and year of graduation and major/degree.
      • Your mailing address
      • A $5.00 (per diploma) check or money order payable to Florida State University
    • Make sure you sign the request and mail it to the following address:

    Florida State University
    Room A3900 UCA
    282 Champions Way
    PO Box 3062400
    Tallahassee, FL 32306-2400

  • How do I get memorabilia signed by Jimbo Fisher?
    • All items must go through the Memorabilia Office at Florida State. You may drop off the item or ship your item to be signed.
    • The Memorabilia Office is located under the stadium in Gate B, Section 36. Please call for hours of operation, 850.644.1376.
    • If you would like to ship an item to be signed, please include a return box/postage. You may ship items to the following address:

FSU Memorabilia Office
PO Box 2195
Tallahassee, FL 32316

  • How do I get memorabilia signed by Bobby Bowden?
    • Instructions for requesting to have an item signed by Bobby Bowden are available on the official website, TheBobbyBowden.com.

 Information for Members

  • How do I find out detailed information about my benefits as a member?
    • Login to one.fsu.edu, click on the Alumni tab and then the Benefits tab. This will bring you to your private member benefits page. This page also contains all promotional codes you will need.
  • If I don't live in Tallahassee, how can I stay involved with Florida State?
    • The Florida State Alumni Association travels to many locations outside of Tallahassee. Be sure to check in with our events calendar to see the places we are visiting. Also, we offer many Seminole Clubs all over the world. Check out our Seminole Clubs web page to find a club near you!
  • What events does the Florida State Alumni Association host?
    • We host a variety of events throughout the year including the Kickoff Luncheon, a Golf Tournament, Seminoles at Sea Cruise to the Bahamas, a Big Band Dance, and many more events. Check out our events calendar to learn more.
  • Can I get an FSU license tag in my state?
    • You can get an FSU license tag in the following states:
      • Georgia
      • Maryland
      • North Carolina
      • Tennessee
      • Virginia
    • For more information visit our website.
  • How can I book a hotel room during my visit to Tallahassee?
    • For lodging information, call 850.488.BEDS. If you need help finding a place to stay in Tallahassee during home football games, please visit www.gametimetravel.com/FSU. Game Time Travel has joined the Seminole Boosters to help you with all your FSU Travel needs. Visit www.gametimetravel.com/MFB for hotels available specifically during home football games.
  • How can I purchase tickets to an FSU sports event?
    • For ticket information, contact the FSU Athletic office at 1.888.FSU.NOLE. Keep in mind that one of the benefits of being a member of the FSU Alumni Association is two priority points toward purchasing season tickets for FSU sporting events.
  • How do I submit a "News Note" for the online Alumni Class Notes Page?
    • Login to oneFSU
    • Click on "Class Notes" under the ALUMNI tab (the center tab)
    • Click the "Manage my notes" link
    • Click the "Add New Note" link
    • Add your note
    • Click the "Submit" button
  • How do I submit a "News Note" for Vires?
  • How do I submit an "In Memoriam" for the Vires?
    • Email updates@foundation.fsu.edu with full name of alumnus (maiden) and year of graduation along with the date of death and news service in which the obituary was published.
  • How can I change my contact information?
    • You are now able to manage your own contact information and communication preferences with oneFSU. Simply go to one.fsu.edu and create a profile. It will take a maximum of 2 business days for your profile to become active, so please be sure to come back. Then, when your account is activated, you can log into the website and update your contact information.
  • How many FSU alumni do we have?
    • 280,000+
  • How many alumni do we have in each state?
    • You can see a complete listing of alumni by state and county by visiting the FSU Fact Book.

Facilities and Services

  • How do I reserve the Alumni Center?
  • How far in advance should I reserve the Alumni Center for my wedding or party or event?
    • It's never too early to reserve the venue. We recommend reserving as soon as you have a date for your event.
  • Do you offer any discounts for FSU students or Alumni Association members?
    • We do not currently offer any student or member discounts.
  • Do I have to use your caterer?
    • Yes. The Florida State Alumni Association has entered into a partnership with Andrew’s Catering for all events. All catering for events at the Alumni Center must be through Andrew’s Catering.
  • How many people can you accommodate for a wedding or party?
    • It largely depends on the type of event and room you are interested in renting. However, we can accommodate anywhere from a five person meeting, up to 300 guests for a stand-up reception. Please visit our Room/Rates webpage for more information.
  • Do I need insurance to have my wedding at the Alumni Center?
    • Yes. We require a $1 million liability policy. This process is quite easy and efficient. Many insurance agencies will provide coverage with existing homeowners’ policies. In the absence of homeowners’ insurance, there are numerous providers, both locally and online, who can provide coverage at a very inexpensive rate.
  • Do you have a dance floor?
    • We do not provide a dance floor. However, you are more than welcome to rent one for your event.
  • What is the alcohol policy for events at the Alumni Center?
    • Our policy is consistent with all applicable State laws regarding alcohol consumption. Guests have the option of utilizing our full bar service through Andrews Catering. Also, guests are welcome to provide their own beverages for an event, but will need to utilize Andrews Catering for bartending services, mixers, ice, glassware, etc.
  • Can I arrange for a tasting of the specific foods that I am interested in having at my reception?
    • Yes, of course we would love for you to sample foods that you are interested in having. All tastings will take place at either Andrews Capital Grill Bar or Andrews 228. A credit card will be needed at the tasting and will only be charged in the event Andrews Catering does not cater your event.
  • What is the average price range?
    • We take pride in working within our clients’ budget. Costs are itemized depending on food selections. Contact our Catering Director for menus and to get started on your proposal.
  • How involved is the caterer?
    • Andrew’s Catering is a full-service caterer. With an experienced full-time event planner and many local contacts and resources Andrews can provide client’s assistance with everything from linen and centerpiece selections to glassware and china.
  • Do you bake wedding cakes?
    • No, we do not bake wedding cakes, however we know several fabulous bakers to refer you to. If you would like Andrews’s staff to cut, plate, serve, bus and clean up there is a $1.50 cutting fee.

Westcott Plaza Commemorative Brick Project

  • How do I purchase a brick?
  • How do I find my brick at Westcott Plaza?
  • Do members of the Alumni Association receive a discount on the purchase of a Westcott Commemorative brick?
    • Yes, as a member of the Alumni Association you are eligible for a discount on the purchase of a brick. Tile replicas are not discounted.
  • How long does it take to have a brick installed?
    • Approximately six months. You can place a rush order for an additional $60.
  • Can I choose where I would like my brick placed? Can I have this brick placed near or next to a brick already in Westcott Plaza?
    • Yes, call 850.644.2761 to request specific placement.
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