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2013 Bowl Game Ticket FAQ
Updated December 13th

Who may request ACC Championship and Bowl tickets?
Those Seminole fans who support FSU Athletics with contributions to Seminole Boosters, Inc. are rewarded with the exclusive right to request bowl tickets. If demand for a bowl exceeds the supply of tickets for that bowl, limits will be set at each member level.

View seating chart for the BCS National Championship Game

What will those limits by member level be?
Listed below is the final ticket allotment. 

Membership Level Final Ticket Allotment Seat Location
Legacy ($25,000)  & Platinum Chief ($12,000)  12 $385 if requested* 
Golden Chief ($6,000) 8 $385 if requested*
Silver Chief ($3,000) 6 $385 if requested*
Tomahawk ($1,200) 4 $325 only
Warrior ($600) with > 37 priority points 2 $325 only

**Chiefs will receive seat priority. Demand for the $385 chair back seats exceeded supply, so priority will be rewarded to Silver, Golden, Platinum and Legacy Chiefs who made requests.
*If there are cancellations, or more tickets become available, we will fill requests in priority point order.

If we can fill donor level requests at the Tomahawk level and above, we will look to fill requests from other donor levels beginning with Warriors ($600).

Should I bother to request tickets to Pasadena if I am below a Tomahawk level?

Yes. We encourage all Seminole Booster members to exercise their benefit of membership. Pasadena, California is a long way from our fan base and it is possible that we may be able to fulfill requests beneath Tomahawk. You will also receive the weekly email updates on where we stand with demand and limits.

Can a Seminole Booster upgrade their membership?
No, the period for membership upgrades closed on Friday, December 6 at 5pm.

When will we know if our request was fulfilled?
The exact limits will be set after the Dec. 10 request deadline. We will notify those Seminole Booster members who have made requests of how many tickets they will receive and then charge credit cards.

How do we seat bowl games?
We will use the guidelines set within the Florida State Ticket Priority Policy. Each stadium and ticket manifest is unique. Some stadiums are segmented with premium seats, lower bowl bench seats and upper level seats with different price points. If the demand for the premium seats exceeds the supply, we will set limits on tickets any one member will receive within that premium area to serve more members and allow those members to purchase additional seats in another section in the stadium. If you request the highest price-level ticket and there are none left by the time the ticket office reaches your request, your seats will be allocated in the next best section available. Should the Seminoles reach the national championship game, which will be played in the Rose Bowl, there are only two price levels, one at a $385 price and the other at $325.

There are six of us in our group and we want to sit together. How should we order?
This is an important topic. Three Tomahawk level members want to request a total of six seats together. If they order 6 on one account and the limits are set at 2 or 4 for Tomahawks, they will not get what they need. Those three Tomahawks members should each order 2 and will be guaranteed the six they need. They have the opportunity on their request to ask to be seated with the other two Tomahawk members. When requesting to be seated with another, be aware that the lower priority account prevails.

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